Painting in Acrylic: Protection

The idea for this painting began with several dreams about protecting myself. In one I was fending off a dark force. In a series of dreams I had several dogs around me for protection. Eventually I wondered about the message in the dreams and was shown a symbol, so I knew the dreams and symbol were my answer.

Yet I didn’t feel inclined to paint anything until yesterday when a friend of mine mentioned she was very ill with pneumonia and believed the source of it was a particular person in her life who had been directing negative energy at her. After a short chat with her I felt I should start the painting. I finished it this morning.


I’m entitling it, “Protection” because that was what my dreams and the original symbol relayed to me.

With the energies as intense as they are and people reacting in unpredictable ways, it is a good idea to surround yourself with protection, especially if you are a sensitive (empath) like me. It is an even better idea to double requests for protection when around close friends and family. Why? Because they are the ones we are most likely to let our guard down around and, because we love them so much, we tend to automatically accept their energy into our own as well as their ideas, opinions and criticism.

This painting is dedicated to my friend Sophia. Sending healing and protection your way. ❤

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