Painting in Acrylic: Emergence

On the morning of March 21st, I woke up feeling residual anger from a dream. As I was lingering in the in-between prior to getting out of bed, I saw an image of a ball of fire. Then came the symbol to go with it. I spent the majority of the morning painting it but when I went to add the symbol, it had changed from the one I saw early this morning. Why that happened, I’m not sure. Maybe my energy was different while I was painting? Or maybe the symbol I received was for the element of fire rather than for the emotion of anger.

Because the title was not available to me at the time I finished it, I waited for it to communicate to me its name. It took two days to come through.

Anger (2)

The name “Emergence” came to me last night prior to bed seemingly out of nowhere. Upon waking the name still resonated. So it is.

In considering the painting and what occurred during the process of painting and since, I recognize its message.  While painting it I did not feel anger, nor did I feel the fire element strongly. Instead I was focused on including the water below the fire and the quality of emotion it represents. The water is dark and deep, just like the emotion it contains. Despite the fire appearing to descend into the water, it is doing the opposite. It is rising from the murky depths, life breathed into it once again after nearly being snuffed out by the dark water. It’s fire too hot to be extinguished.

The image communicates a process, one that we are all familiar with. When life deals us a heavy blow we often fall into despair, hopelessness and darkness. We can’t see anything but that darkness and feel we may be consumed by it. Yet this process is not what it seems and we find we are made stronger by it. Eventually we rise above it and become more than we were before. We emerge from the darkness and despair with a fury, defiant against the container we were held in for so long.

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3 Responses to Painting in Acrylic: Emergence

  1. brweb78 says:

    Describes what I’ve been realizing and finally decided to stop just the other day.. thank you for making the bad times we all experience at times so beautiful and reminding us that we’ll emerge even stronger. 🙂

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