Painting in Acrylic: Friendship

This painting came to me in a dream, a dream about the most amazing friendship. I won’t go into the dream now but the feeling from it was beyond any friendship I have ever experienced.

The symbol was shown to me in my mind and I went to work painting it right away. I got stuck, though, mid-cycle and had to put it on hold a couple of times. I would be hit with sudden exhaustion or vertigo, like I was about to go out of my body, while painting and have to stop or I would just blank out and feel no inspiration to finish. I was finally able to finish it today.


When the symbol was given to me and I saw the two intersecting lines, I knew they were representative of two people holding hands. This had been in my dream and had been accompanied but such a fantastically happy, peaceful feeling. I literally felt more happy than I recall ever feeling in this lifetime. I didn’t think such happiness even existed. The infinity symbol was added over the two intersecting lines to indicate the extent of this friendship – unending, beyond the limits of space and time.

Yeah, that’s some friendship.

The middle and bottom portion and symbols came quite easily and was finished within a couple of hours of starting the painting. It was the top portion that kept causing me problems. It was originally a light pink color but it was all wrong. Then I painted over it and over it and got that OOB feeling and had to stop. I saw the bunches of four circles a couple of mornings ago and began to add them yesterday and then got stuck again. I was overwhelmed with low energy and lack of motivation. This morning I just went with it and finished.  Only now do I see what those bunches of four mean. They are representative of soul pods, family groups in Spirit. No wonder I kept feeling like painting seaweed, its the water link to the word “pod”. I always associate it with dolphins.


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2 Responses to Painting in Acrylic: Friendship

  1. herongrace says:

    Such a positive painting Dayna. I love the infinity symbol.The middle green symbol is a lot like the Saturn glyph with a fish tail.

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