Painting in Acrylic: Passion

I completed this painting on the 9th but was not sure what to call it. I knew to paint a red lily, so that is what I did. There was no one symbol/code for this painting either. I asked for one but it was never received. Instead I got a flow of Light Codes to go with the painting, so added them in a circle around the flower.

Still no name but several ideas came to me – temperance, passion, desire, fire. Passion felt the most accurate but still I hesitated. Then this morning I had a dream with a message. The dream message was to stop hiding, hiding from myself, from my passion, from what makes me feel most alive. There is nothing wrong with feeling something so powerfully that it lights every part of you on fire. This is passion. You cannot create without passion and we are Creator Beings. Snuff out your passion and you severely limit yourself. You snuff out your joy.

So this painting is called “Passion”. It is reminder that following what lights you up inside, makes you feel alive and passionate, is the key to finding your purpose. Follow your passion and you will find what you are seeking.


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