Painting in Acrylic: Breakthrough

This painting was somewhat planned.I say “somewhat” because I saw an image in my mind and went about painting it but I had to transfer the image onto the canvas first. So it took a bit longer to paint because of the additional steps.


I call this painting, “Breakthrough”, but while I was painting it I was thinking it would be called, “Shattered.” Why? Because while I was painting it, that is how I was feeling. There has been some major energy intensity lately and for me it has manifested in over-thinking and a return to some old habitual patterns. I’ve also been very down/depressed. This is on and off. While I was painting I felt good but then that is usual when I paint. Despite this, the feelings rising up for acknowledgement and release were wanting to be expressed. They were saying, “I’m shattered. Broken. I can’t be fixed.”

That was mostly yesterday. Today, when I added the color and finished the painting, the name “Shattered” no longer felt appropriate. Instead, I kept seeing it as a breakthrough and memories of an OBE from a very long time ago came to mind. In it, I was in an invisible box floating in space. I could move about but only so far and then I would hit a barrier. I pounded and pounded on the barrier until I was able to break through it and then I was free.

Like so many of my other paintings, this one was a message from my guidance. They were showing me through my art the process I am currently going through, asking me to take a moment and “look” and see it for what it really is. Growth.

Misery is self-imposed. We get trapped in repetitive thought, bringing our vibration down, down, down. And though miserable experiences – negative emotion, depression, suicidal thoughts, “poor me” thinking – are avoided, we should look at them as learning experiences. See them as just another experience that can help us grow and expand beyond our own self-imposed limitation. In this sense, misery and all “negative” patterns and emotion, can be seen as a source of breakthrough. It is only from the ashes that we rise again.

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3 Responses to Painting in Acrylic: Breakthrough

  1. I’ve definitely been feeling the intensity lately! Whew!

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