Painting in Acrylic: Ancestry

Completed a painting yesterday. This one took some time coming through. In fact, I set it aside mid-morning feeling unable to complete it only to return to it a couple of hours later more inspired.



When it was complete I knew the painting was communicating human evolution. You can see on the left the DNA/RNA strands. On the right side there are neurons firing. In the middle is evolution.

The colors were purposeful. I was trying to create an earthy feel. This was the first communication I received from the painting-to-be and why it was so difficult for me to complete. I wanted it to be something totally different than what it wanted to be. Sometimes the art and I have a little tug-of-war, me wanting it to turn out one way and it protesting until I give in and listen to what it wants to be. In this instance it won yet again and I wouldn’t have it any other way. If it doesn’t win then I usually end up black washing the entire canvass and starting over. lol

Since I am fairly new to being an “artist”, at least in my adult years anyway, the way the art communicates what it wants to be is a totally new phenomenon for me. It really does have its own “life” and “message” to communicate. I am learning that there is absolutely no way to create art that “speaks” from the mind. It has to come from the heart. The more that I express my heart through my art, the more tuned into my heart I become. On the days that I paint I feel more accomplished and happy than on the days I don’t. It makes my day “flow” seamlessly and without restraint, allowing me to experience the moment, overriding my mind and quieting inner dialogues.

I sent an image of this painting to my husband. His opinion of my art is validating and his critiques helpful. He comes from a family of artists. Both of his parents were artists, his father made a living selling handmade, one-of-a-kind jewelry and his mom received her master’s degree in art. This is what he said about this particular painting:

It is so creative and colorful. I love the use of colors and I love the pattern motifs that repeat through the work. I think that it is fantastic that you are letting your creative skills flow out. And I really encourage you to continue and also to learn and perhaps take some courses. I really really want to take a course myself because I feel that I could also really improve my skills and abilities. I know that one of the most creative times in my life was when I was taking art classes in high school! And the cool thing about it is not only the instruction that I received but also being able to look at the works of others and to have a collaborative sort of creative environment. So anyways I sincerely think that it is fantastic that you are creating  works of art. And it is fun and enjoyable to see the new works as you do them.

Currently I have so many paintings that I do not have enough wall space for them all. My sister-in-law, who recently relocated here from L.A., wants to sell my husband’s artwork. She has the connections and PR experience to do so and is eager to give it a try. She only wishes to sell originals and at first I declined selling mine, but now I am thinking I may need to. I would rather they be hung up and displayed on a wall than sitting on the floor in my closet gathering dust. What do ya’ll think? Should I sell them or keep them?



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9 Responses to Painting in Acrylic: Ancestry

  1. Karin says:

    Beuatiful piece of work. And very interresting how the creative process goes and that the art piece is communicating what it wants to be, and that there can be a tug of war between you and the piece. Thanks for sharing that.
    My mom had the same problem with not having enoigh space for all her artwork. After all the wallspace ws filled up, the pieces started accumulating in the basement and taking up space there. She sold some of them, but it was not enough. Then she thought about giving them to a charity fleamarket of the church, just to get rid of them and have space again. But she never found the time to transport all the pieces, canvas on frames, to a fleamarket. She ended up inviting neighbors over and telling them to just take what they want for free. Now she has space again in the basement and can start painting again. The fact that all her pictures took up so much space in the house prevented her from painting again, and her creative outlet was closed – not a good thing.
    I am just sharing my mom’s story here. I don’t know what the best solution is for your case.

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    • Dayna says:

      Thanks for sharing. I am not at the point where I would give it away to just anyone. My husband gives many of his away as gifts at Christmas. After a friend of his died he was helping go through her things and found all the paintings he had given her up in the attic. LOL Now they are back in mine.

      Art has to speak to the person who wants to own it, otherwise it will end up in storage somewhere or tossed or given away. I may end up painting over some of mine if I feel they have done their job. Today I bought 7 more canvas’ and some more paint. New paintings coming. 🙂

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  2. Well, it sounds like you have a lot of paintings and enjoy creating them. You’ve got to create more space so you can keep creating – so I say sell a few. I am biased though. I like clear empty spaces.

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  3. litebeing says:

    I don’t have an opinion, what?, how can this be? I adore this one and appreciate the earth tones and patterns. One of the symbols is the Glyph for Jupiter. Are you aware of this, lol? Glad you are using your Leo and painting up a storm. Enjoy this process, you deserve it.

    hugs, Linda

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