Painting in Acrylic: Blue Avians

Yesterday was a productive day for me. I completed another painting, one inspired by a symbol I had received a while ago and felt needed to be resurrected. It is the symbol of the Blue Avians and was presented to me along with a transmission in Light Language. Here is a link to the original blog post in September, 2016. Below is the painting I completed.


What I find synchronistic about this symbol returning to the forefront of my mind is that it is connected to the book I am reading right now, Worldbridger. I am about 75% through the book and the Bird Tribe (Blue Avians) are a regular part of the authors’ experiences.

So far I am unsure of my opinion of the book and the authors’ experiences as written therein. My first impression is that the author, Juliet Carter, writes extremely long and elaborate sentences full of fluffy and extraneous wording. In fact, last night I counted the words in one sentence to over 50 words! It was in itself a small paragraph! I had the idea that she may have been trying to reach a certain book length. lol Sadly all of the above greatly distract the reader making it difficult to really gain any insight from it.

Last night I reached a portion of the book where there was discussion about extraterrestrials and their obstruction of human DNA to a sinister purpose. The main ET group perpetrated are the Annunaki who originated from the planet Nibiru. Apparently this group of ETs is currently preparing the human race for harvesting in order to colonize Earth and it is from them that all negative aspects of the human dilemma originate. As I read all of this I got a very discordant feeling. Something was not accurate; amiss. Up until this point in the book most of the information (that I could synthesize from the extraneous text) resonated with me, especially the portions concerning sacred geometry.

I had to put the book down because of the feeling. Yet this morning I am being drawn to consider my reaction because of the synchronicity with the symbol I painted yesterday. I recognize now that it may very well be true that such dark agendas are at play and most likely are. However, my primary purpose in this lifetime is not to partake in extracurricular dualistic theatrics but to expand my consciousness to the point that I can extricate myself from the trap that results from becoming overly involved in the “game”. The discordance I felt stemmed from a warning that it is our very over involvement in duality games that pin each of us to this never-ending spiral of reincarnation on this planet. In reality, one’s spiritual Self does not differentiate between “good” and “bad” nor do the dramas on Earth really matter other than to create a great learning experience from which to grow and expand in consciousness toward Oneness.

What is funny is that within their very own text the authors mention they are warned about getting caught up in the dramas created by duality. Ha!

I am grateful that I recognized the message for myself.

As I mentioned, the sacred geometry component to this book has been the most resonate to me thus far.

Sacred geometry is the universal language of light, the manifest expression of the underlying organizing forces of life that energetically defines all of creation. The mathematical laws of sacred geometry govern every system of growth, every motion in the universe, from atomic bonds to spiraling galaxies. All life-forms function upon the vibratory infrastructure of geometrically organized hyper-cooperative pathways of electromagnetic energy.

The authors go on to say that sacred geometry is “a configuration representative of the elemental components of the creative force” and a “direct conduit to Prime Consciousness”. In other words, it “is pure language”. It is commonly referred to by them as the language of Light. So therein lies the connection I feel to it.

All of the ceremonies conducted in the book to reconnect disabled circuits do not resonate with me. I don’t feel I need to participate in such ceremonies nor are they of any relevance to me. I see them as merely doing the work of the Kundalini through alternative means (ceremony). Since the Kundalini is already rampantly rising in me such ceremonious undertakings would likely interfere. Perhaps for some these ceremonies are needed to necessitate the rising of the potent Life Force within them, but not for me.

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2 Responses to Painting in Acrylic: Blue Avians

  1. Eliza Ayres says:

    Bravo, Dayna, for continuing your amazing journey in maintaining personal sovereignty and listening to your own inner guidance. ❤ Eliza

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