Kundalini Side-Effects

It appears that my guidance’s warning about physical body complications as a result of an accelerated process of embodiment is accurate. Not only did I have the strange heart pain the night before last, but last night my entire body was affected. I barely got any sleep and the sleep I did get resulted in dreams indicating a “cleaning out” of subconscious baggage.

I was fine until I attempted to go to sleep. Once in bed, I was hit with a number of physical issues. First off, I was slammed with what I can only guess is the beginning if a nasty head cold. Mostly my throat is affected. It felt like fire down my throat. I also ended up with a stuffy nose that was runny and quite annoying. Along with these symptoms my ears were clogged and would pop sporadically. Additionally, my eyes, which have been quite dry and uncomfortable for a couple of weeks, became a watery mess. The main issue, though, was none of these irritations all of which I can handle just fine. I ended up with a flare up of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).

IBS is something I had as a child and into my teens and early twenties. I rarely ever have any issues with it because for me exercise and change in diet has practically eliminated it. Yet last night it returned for no apparent reason. I have not changed my diet or exercise routine. I am not stressed out. I have no idea what triggered it. Perhaps because I ate a ton of broccoli yesterday? Or maybe it was the salmon? But both are a regular part of my diet. However, in my youth, broccoli was a major trigger (I love broccoli).

Thankfully, all I experienced were intense abdominal cramping and some minor nausea and only when I was laying down. In the past I would be so ill from it that I would have to hang out in the bathroom all night. Yeah, not fun.

The problem with last night was that when I got one area under control another would become bothersome. I only got about three hours of sleep total. This morning the IBS is completely gone but my throat is still on fire and my eyes are watery.


Cleansing and Clearing

Throughout the night I got no communication from my guidance but when I fell asleep the message was obvious: I am in the midst of a major cleanse and clear and it was all brought about by a recent rise of the Kundalini, most of which I missed completely except for the heart pain. Thus far, every time the Kundalini rises I end up with some kind of physical side-effect, usually illness of some kind. Sore throat and head congestion are the most common, but root chakra issues have also resulted. IBS and digestive issues are connected to the 3rd chakra and up until now have not been a side-effect.

I stumbled across this article suggesting a more liquid diet when Kundalini is rising in order to prevent digestive discomfort and symptoms. Interestingly, yesterday I was led to purchase ingredients for juicing and felt I needed to change my diet dramatically. In hindsight, I suspect it was the salmon that triggered the IBS more than the broccoli. The reason for my suspicion is that on the first night I prepared the salmon it repelled me and I ate something else. Last night I prepared salmon patties from the leftovers and still felt the repulsion but ate it anyway. The result was IBS. Repulsion = stay away. You would think I would listen to my body. lol

Vegetarianism is likely going to be the result if I can get my family to make the transition with me. I doubt this will be easy, though.

My dreams indicate I am continuing to do deep inner healing work. I had dreams where I was instructed to go into a room and “clean it out”. The room was a bedroom with office furniture inside. I replied to the woman, “But I don’t work here anymore.” She said, “That doesn’t matter.”

Inside the bedroom/office I did as I was told and ended up on the computer sifting through emails to/from my physical counterpart. There was further communication with him while I was doing this and lots of guilt about it. The majority of the clearing work was to do with my physical counterpart, my marriage and my considerations and beliefs regarding both.

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12 Responses to Kundalini Side-Effects

  1. When the kundalini rises, is that your personal kundalini or what’s going on for others as well during ascension?

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    • Dayna says:

      From what I am reading the symptoms I am experiencing are common for those in the embodiment phase of ascension right now. So, I guess my answer would be both my own Kundalini and others’, too.

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  2. Adam says:

    My wife is also affected now when eating Salmon. This started a couple months ago quite suddenly – she had no prior issues with it until then.

    Her body rejects it exclusively and she found this out one evening when it was the only thing to come back up after eating a variety of other foods. (Forgive the mental imagery.) Interesting to read you are also having issues with it!

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    • Dayna says:

      Sorry this has happened to your wife, too. 😦 The smell has been affecting me for a while. We usually eat it at least once a week but this week it was really repelling me. I keep feeling like it contains pollutants that are not good for me, too. Yet I ate it anyway. Thankfully I did not throw it up. Today I am eating all vegetarian. My stomach still feels “off” and I don’t want to upset it anymore than I already did.

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  3. MollyB111 says:

    “But I don’t work here anymore.” She said, “That doesn’t matter.” Wow and Yup!

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  4. herongrace says:

    Our oceans are so polluted now that unfortunately the fish are as well. We have recently had a large fish kill wash up on our local beach. Farmed fish is usually high in antibiotics. So I have practically eliminated all sea food from my diet.
    It seems as though your body is tuned into what is harmful.

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  5. Quite out of the blue I had the most intense pain centered close to the heart last week. It was so strong that it caused concern because it reminded me of a similar pain that had been with me in the heart center until a visit in the early morning hours of one of my guardians who pulled out the energetic “id” of this pain out of me. It went away after that. This was early on as kundalini was accelerating the process.

    And there was a ghost of it as I sat there getting ready to go. Sitting still, I observed and listened and the voice said it was a remnant that was being cleared. But very physical, it was…but as with all energetic effects, bled out of me as it said to not hold or clutch, but witness.

    Every center would have multiple clearings. Didn’t a chakra simply clear? And then I found the answer to experience; the light body has five known layers called “kosha’s” so that each chakra has these levels. So when the heart was cleared once, twice, thrice, then a fourth and now, a fifth time.

    At each level, it’s own set of issues, feelings, and reactions. What worked to clear one did not work for the other, but each solution came naturally and well matched to the block. Impossible as a rational approach, possible when the intuitive is joined to it.

    All in a day’s work!

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