Something strange happened in the night and I’m not quite sure how to react to it still.

I had been in a dream, talking to a black man as we walked into a room and prepared to walk through a door into another room. The color of the room was golden with off-white accents. A very calming environment. He was telling me, “Don’t go into astrology to explain it.” I laughed and replied, “I don’t have to. Astrology is always part of our blueprint.” I went on to talk about blueprints but I can’t recall what I said because I startled awake.

In a bit of shock at waking so suddenly and unexpectedly, I became acutely aware of a pain in my heart center. It was not enough to cause concern and I needed to use the restroom so I rolled over on my back intending to get out of bed. When I rolled on my back, though, there came from my chest an intense pain that started in the center and radiated outward. I rolled back on my side but the discomfort continued. I could feel my heart in it’s entirety – back, front and sides along with its exact positioning in my chest. My heart felt like a tiny ball of energy that extended all the way through my back into the bed as well as outward in every direction. The electric tendrils of pain continued to radiate out from the center, as if energy hands were prying open my chest. It was intense enough to concern me.

So I appealed to my guidance and received a sense that all was okay. It was not a health concern. I did not need to visit the E.R. or worry. All I needed to do was relax, breathe and listen to my body. I checked my heart rate and it was steady and even. Beside the strange sensations in my chest, everything my body was telling me was that there was nothing to be concerned about.

I noticed then that there was a strange, unearthly music coming from my right. It was unusual. “Music” is not really an accurate description of it, really. Regardless, it was beautiful and I was deeply attracted to it, wanting to follow it and sensing that if I focused on it long enough I would go OOB and “it”, the source of the music, would carry me away. I chose not to focus on it, though, and a sense of calm pervaded my Being. I felt completely at ease and okay with whatever was happening to me.

At that moment, as hypnotically attractive vibrations continued to flow toward me from my right, I heard from my guidance a single word: Resplendent. It was repeated several times and despite the pain in my chest I responded with calm and allowance. Whatever was going on, I would not resist it.


I needed to use the restroom and the pain had subsided enough that I decided to get out of bed. No problems at all. Upon return to bed my chest was still aching but the pain was diminished. Throughout it all, the position, size and sensation of my heart was still very distinct to me.

Eventually all returned to normal except for a dull energy in the center of my chest. As I pondered what had occurred I realized how synchronistic this experience was. In a discussion with my Companion a couple of days ago he had asked if I wanted to accelerate the embodiment process, cautioning me that if I chose that route physical manifestations would likely result, specifically in my heart and chest area. The feeling I had of this experience was that something major had occurred in my sleep. Perhaps the heart pain was in response to it?

I was and am still very calm about the whole experience. Briefly, I contemplated visiting a doctor just to check things out but then realized it would do no good. The calm Knowing said there was nothing to worry about. Besides, allowing even the consideration that something might be wrong invites fear. Also, if something were wrong it would likely mean lots of tests and life-long medication. I am not willing to endure any of that, even if it means a shorter life. No. There would be no visit to a doctor. Besides, my research this morning indicates that the source of my pain was not cardiac related. It was something else. My sense was it was purely spiritual/Kundalini related. Why else would my guidance say, “Resplendent”? And that strange, musical sound coming from my right…what was that? It made me want to become one with it. I wish now I had investigated it further.

It was then that a song entered into my mind: Hold On by Wilson Phillips – “Don’t you know things will change, things will go your way, if you hold on for one more day.”

My chest is still very active with energy this morning, but there is no pain.


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