Painting in Acrylic: Mission

A couple of nights ago I had major hypnagogic imagery. Hypnagogia is not unusual for me; however, this time it was different.

First, for those who are unfamiliar with the term, hypnagogia is basically those sights, sounds, feelings and extrasensory perceptions that occur between wakefulness and sleep. If you have ever done any kind of hallucinogenic drug then you have most likely experienced hypnagogia while awake. If not, then you may have no idea what I am talking about and you’ll have to use your imagination. This article describes hypnagogia well.

I said this was a non-typical hypnagogic experience for me. That is because this time the imagery continued even when I moved. In fact, I moved quite a bit while keeping my eyes closed. Rather than the imagery disappearing as is usual, it continued uninterrupted. I also experienced absolutely no vibrations of any kind.

The images I received were beautiful and flowing, full of vivid color and movement. The very first thing I saw was a symbol in gold outlined in a darker square box. It lingered and I was able to focus on it (also unusual). Then I saw thousands of tiny hexagons moving in unison. They, too, were gold, but within them were individual frames of a larger picture, that of a tropical forest floor. I could see a felled tree in the foreground and tall, green trees in the background. Another symbol floated into the scene on the upper right and lingered there, also allowing me to look at it. I was able to focus long enough that I traced it with my mind in an attempt to remember it. The hexagons seemed to breathe and swirl clockwise. I watched it all in fascination for what seemed like ten minutes. It was an amazing experience not unlike what I have experienced after eating Psilocybin mushrooms.

The next morning I drew the symbols I saw. Today I painted one. The other one I will paint at some point in the future.


I am calling it “Mission” because that is what came to mind when I was considering why I was given the symbol. I think it turned out pretty good. It looks very much like what I saw in the vision, dark box around it and everything. I tried to make it stand out like how it did when I saw it, but all I ended up doing was adding shadows and light.

I am not completely sure I am finished with the painting yet, which is why I did not put my initials on the bottom yet. We’ll see.

FYI: This will likely end up in my oracle deck. I completed the 22 cards, edited and ready to submit for printing and shipping, almost a week ago, but have felt it incomplete. I guess so considering I got two more symbols via this experience! I can’t wait to get more. I hope my guidance gives them to me the same way. I would welcome more trippy night visions. 🙂

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2 Responses to Painting in Acrylic: Mission

  1. The Conscious One says:

    Good work! Reminds me (a little) of things I did long ago. It makes me want pick it up again.

    Yes, hypnogogia has been ON for me as well, pretty much in sync.

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    • Dayna says:

      Thank you! You should pick it up again. Would love to see some of your artwork. I bet it’s good considering how good your musical compositions are. 😉

      I guess there is something energetic going on to cause such strange hypnagogia. I was dead tired that night, though.


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