Lessons in a Conversation

Early this morning I had an in-depth conversation with mySelf, well the masculine aspect anyway. At first it appeared that I was talking with my “husband” and that is the perspective I took throughout the conversation up until the moment I awoke. When I woke, though, I knew it was not as it seemed.

The conversation was via cell phone text. I saw a screen and read the texts but heard the “voice” of my “husband” as I read. When I spoke, my texts appeared on the screen without any typing. Eventually, though, the cell phone screen vanished and it transformed into a conversation from within.

It was a very long conversation spanning multiple subjects. First off was his opinion of me and my progress in this lifetime, which was good despite my many faults. He mentioned that I was “strong” and a “trained warrior” of some “Dynasty” that started with an “X”. I connected the name I heard with China, which sounded nothing like it was spelled, so the spelling is lost to me now except for the “X”. Interestingly, when I looked up how to pronounce Xia (which is the only Chinese Dynasty that starts with an X), it sounded similar to what I heard.


Other topics discussed were multidimensionality and holographic realities. What I recall most vividly here was a 3D spiral-type vortex with layers upon layers of realities interwoven into it. It is beyond my ability to explain and my comprehension is limited. I was told the human mind has no way to conceptualize the structure of the continuum of existence and to try not to become frustrated by my inability to understand what I was being shown/told. I saw that I choose focal points and can shift my focus from one experience to another and another, etc. When one shifts focus, the entire spiral of existence shifts to that perspective. If one focuses on more than one “point” then the spiral appears to have “arms” or branches of spirals coming off of it. It was quite psychedelic in appearance to see it and the entire image in my mind was constantly moving and shifting, colors and tiny spirals of reality within larger ones, like universes within universes.

It is my understanding that my dreams and the symbolism in them is what I bring back from shifting my focal point in this continuum. At least that is what I have been doing for some time. When I do not make a complete transition back to this focus of awareness upon waking then I am left with a disoriented feeling or a temporary amnesia until my focus is re-established. It was explained that “layers” of experience exist and can be accessed. This would account for why I find sometimes that I remember experiences “behind” the dreams and sometimes experiences behind those memories even. The “layers” overlapping layers overlapping layers.

There is memory here of two vessels or space craft type ships that emanated light and color. The colors were a vibrant yellow and orange. The yellow was the one I was most connected to, but the orange was also one I frequented. I knew the two vessels were the Eagle and the Seraphim. I knew they were still situated in the same locations as before. The colors corresponded to the Earth-grid frequencies at which they were calibrated. I understood that they were not actual physical vehicles but representations of those who collectively gathered together to achieve a common goal. Each of us carried the frequency and helped to apply that frequency to the Earth grid in order to effectively raise it.

The final topic of discussion was my/our “work”. This part of the conversation extended into wakefulness as I drifted in and out of the in-between. I had been asking if I could have what I wanted. Did I have to sacrifice my wants and desires for my mission? Couldn’t I have what I want and fulfill my mission?

The answer came as both a Remembering and an answer. My understanding of my mission is still unclear as it is not something that can be put into a sentence but it is more of a feeling. I recognized that though I could get what I wanted it was very much secondary to my mission. Mission first, everything else second. This extends to my physical Team, or those with the same mission who I have chosen to work with in this lifetime. Team members support one another but do not fulfill each other’s roles. These roles are independent of yet tied to the group mission. Help is allowed but never does one take over another’s role or step in unless contracted to do so.


I understood this by analogy. With a basketball team each player has their own assigned role – point guard, center, forward, etc. They work together to score and win the game. A point guard does not step in and take the position of center and the center does not become point guard. Each is adapted and trained for their specific position.

This does not mean secondary relationships cannot be formed and sustained between team members, it just means they must not interfere with the overall mission of the group/team. This is why attachment and Ego influence must be minimized so as to not negatively effect the outcome of the mission. It would be like a point guard and a forward only throwing the ball to each other and forgetting/ignoring the other team members.

When I awoke I was very much in understanding and agreement. I could “see” the bigger picture and was in alignment with it. Afterward I was told my next lessons would involve more on holographic reality and how to interface with it.

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