I Choose Love

So I mentioned how I have been a bit emotional – emotionally mixed up. Yesterday I just could not shake the heaviness. I woke with a headache that never quit and just felt physically weird and “off”. It just kept on and kept on. I had been thinking of my physical counterpart and gotten back in a good, heart-centered, happy place. My “choose love” method works well and can pull me out of whatever lull I find myself in, IF I choose to employ it. So, in my “happy place”, feeling like I may just make it through the day in a somewhat higher vibration despite the headache, I had a thought pop into my mind. It was a thought about my counterpart and just came out of nowhere. I heard, “Remember, he always leaves you.” Huh? But it was too late. The thought hit home like a ton of bricks and then all my happy energy crumbled. Memories flooded into my mind and I realized the voice was right. He does always leave. He either dies or he walks away or just plain out ditches me without a goodbye. Harsh.

For a good two hours I went through an emotional gauntlet all because of that stupid message. I was angry, mostly, and dead-set about not being dissed again by him. I doubted my Knowing. All kinds of thoughts came to mind. I didn’t get angry, though. I just felt like I should know better. Like the voice was my guides warning me it would happen again because it was his pattern. Well, our pattern.

I wondered for a while about karma and how to break the cycle. I figured the only way to do that was to reject him first or then maybe just not care. I had all kinds of scenarios going through my mind on how to fix the problem. On and on to the point that my day was slowly unraveling due to over-analysis.

But all at once I had a clear memory of our connection. It was like my heart just said, “Enough is enough.” And well, I guess it did because I have gotten so use to being Light that when this heavier energy comes in I feel really squirmy and unsettled. I thought, “Wait a minute. That (the statement I heard) is NOT true! That is just part of the illusion!” Then I got angry. Angry at whoever or whatever sent that thought into my mind.  So, I forcefully expelled it, seeing it as a parasite that had no business in my energy field. Yucky, black, untruth.

And the feeling lifted and I was back in my happy place.

I suspect it was my guidance that threw that little, tiny, tidbit of info at me like that. Should I be grateful? Should I even care? Well, I don’t care and I am grateful. In fact, it was my guidance that reminded me of this very event. It came with a feeling of, “Share this.” And so here I am. I had altogether forgotten all about the experience. What is funny is that experiences just like this one happen all the time now. Usually they are not as drawn out (this one lasted way too long). I catch it pretty quickly and don’t allow myself to fall for it. My motto is really, “I choose love” and so far it is my “Light” saber. Love truly is amazingly powerful.



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