Tantric Egg Practice

Not long ago I had a dream with a message about an “egg ceremony” in it. Then, through synchronicity, the puzzle pieces revealed the egg was in fact connected to Tantra and was not what I first thought. The way I was led to this practice was so far-fetched, so beyond believable that I was laughing aloud at the impossibility of it. Yet it was very obviously a message and when I followed it, I found myself drawn to purchase an egg. So I did.


This purchase is something the old me would never have even considered. I would have thought it complete nonsense. Yet I did not hesitate to buy the complete kit above despite it being fairly expensive (especially the egg). What is even more bizarre is that I wanted to meet the woman pictured above (Shashi Solluna), attend her teacher training all the way in Thailand and experience Tao Tantra myself. Even now I wish I could go to one of her all-women workshops.


Obsidian Egg

The set above includes a DVD with the complete egg practice, questions, tips and other information. It also came with an egg of your choice. The choices were jade, rose quartz or obsidian. I chose obsidian because it helps resolve female hormonal and cyclic issues, assists in correcting the disconnect between sex and love, and because I felt drawn to the obsidian. I actually asked my guidance which egg I should get and got a memory flash of an especially intense dream/OBE where I visited an obsidian lake.

The Experience

Yesterday I was blessed to have the entire house to myself to do whatever I wanted. I got so much accomplished! Toward the end of the day I felt I needed to slow down a bit and was led to the DVD above. I watched the introduction and some informational sections and decided to try the practice since I didn’t know when I would have opportunity again.

I went through the entire practice in order. The first step is connecting to your heart space. The way she does it, though, is that you open a flower in the heart petal by petal. The flower is not green, but red. When I did this very short meditation tears just poured out of my eyes. My guidance was close, too. I realized I had closed my heart intentionally to protect myself and focusing on it was opening it back up.

The next step was infusing the egg with Chi. Again I began to cry as I poured energy into the egg from my heart space. As I held the obsidian egg over my solar plexus my solar plexus began to activate feeling almost like it was burning. That was a good sign.

The practice itself was gentle Yoga and very calming. It took about 20 minutes and was nothing extraordinary. However, I got all kinds of energy twinges in my lower chakras, some almost painful in the second and third chakras.

After that was reflexology. This was short and there really isn’t much to tell. 🙂

The most intense part of the practice was the short element meditations and the sounds for each element. With each meditation you focused on the yoni (female reproductive system) and clearing any energy that was no longer serving you. It was strange to focus there instead of my heart or third-eye, but it seemed to be what I needed.

The metal element brought about the most emotional response. I was crying the whole time. When out of balance the metal element manifests as grief and sorrow and that is what came up. I had similar responses to some of the other elements but with each one the response lessened. From these meditations I saw how I held certain emotions in the yoni. How surprising that was to me! Yet it makes total sense considering the amount of blockages I’ve had/still have in my lower chakras.

My Reaction

I am convinced that this practice was beneficial. I will continue to do it. How often, I don’t know because I really need to be in my own energy and space for it to be most effective. The realization that I purposefully closed my heart (compared to how open it was) was a big one but I understand why I did this. It came with an understanding that I am really in a very fragile state right now. Probably the most fragile I have been since early childhood. When my heart opened up the pure vulnerability of the space was what initiated the overflow of emotion. It is hard to explain how the vulnerability feels. It is fully trusting and accepting. When experiencing this vulnerability it brought up memory of my counterpart and the sudden disconnect from him, like a door slammed on my heart. I had no choice but to feel that full-on, which was difficult, almost traumatic. Yet remaining in the heart space showed me just how wonderful it is to be vulnerable and trusting and that I can contact that feeling anytime for it is my true nature.


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2 Responses to Tantric Egg Practice

  1. kittyasmith says:

    My experience with the egg was utterly amazing. I had visions open up by this practice and I have remained more open. It is so intense that I find I have to prepare myself for it. Since I purchased it in August last year, I have only used it three times.

    You brought my attention to something I really had not thought about. Opening up the heart space and becoming vulerable. My heart space has been open for some time now. I love the feeling when it instantly activates. But for me, it has given me a great sense of power for the first time in my life. My heart was always “too” open and I was hurt and disillusioned, alot. Something is different about this, now I will have to explire what that is.

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