Into the Esoteric Classroom

So much continues to transpire that I can barely manage to keep up with it all! It is not physical experience of which I am speaking. No. It is the nature of Spirit, the evolution and expansion of conscious, the fundamentals of human experience, duality and everything in between. Each day/night I receive pieces of information. These pieces number in the dozens, sometimes more, and are seemingly disconnected yet they are not. My habit has been, since I first began writing in a journal/blog, to write as I experience. This is changing. To write about what I am currently experiencing would be impossible to do in the hour or two I have every morning. In fact, it’s impossible to do even within the time frame of an entire day.

To change my routine is difficult. I so look forward to my daily interactions with the blogosphere! It has been my salvation, my sanity, my therapy all these years. Yet now I am being led to forgo writing what I am learning and experiencing here in my blog. Forgo it for what? The feeling is that I am to use what I have learned in this physical existence, from my schooling at levels of higher learning, to take what has been small and expand it to something bigger.

For the first time…..ever?….I am being led to research and acquire knowledge from sources outside my own inner Knowing. This is only to confirm what my Knowing tells me. I am led in one direction to read perhaps only a small section of some larger work and then my interest wanes and I am led elsewhere.


Just from the Knowing that came with me upon waking this morning, I have a list of five in-depth topics for further study. This is small in comparison to what I get on a daily basis. Yet only today did I take the time to write it down because, well, I haven’t been, thinking I should write a post and then never feeling able to when I sit down to write.

On top of all the topics and ideas coming to me, I am also feeling led to do other things. Projects and sessions to name two. I did not seek these out yet they are finding me. The pure excitement bubbling up from within seems to be opening me up to previously restricted avenues of expansion. Expectation = limitation. My expectations have dramatically decreased. I am open and accepting of whatever comes my way as long as it brings me joy.

Not long ago I was invited to become a student of the esoteric. I am now taking on that role. My dream interactions are exposing me to a new “classroom” while also imparting upon me the spirit of curiosity and an eager willingness that was previously lacking. My daily life continues to be primarily focused on the raising of my children but just this week I got to use spiritual gifts I have not used since 2007! Not only did I do a tarot reading by phone but today I got to experience giving my first ever Skype session. Again, my guidance did not disappoint. Plus, I got to meet a new, wonderful Lightworker and as always, guidance given is also received. That is the beauty of sharing one’s spiritual gifts. We are all teachers and students and life is the greatest classroom of them all!




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One Response to Into the Esoteric Classroom

  1. Yes, I get into those states where I just keep finding new pieces of information. I read it to a certain point and then realize – okay now I have learned what I needed to know from that. Then I get drawn in a different direction. It’s easy to forget to eat and such when I get into this mode.

    It’s good to feel guided in this way. But it can feel overwhelming too. 🙂

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