Under the Surface

The nights are like an influx of Knowing and there is much memory of activities and interactions with others flooding my mind as I begin my day today. I have been very busy!!

I am aware of dreams upon dreams, symbolic representations of the activity that is my “night life”.  I woke in several times in night from vivid dreams and interactions to note the information. Then I would repeat the cycle several times. Dream. Notation. Dream. Notation.

Muddy Lake – I recall viewing a vast, muddy lake. I watched two swans swimming on it and children rafting on it. I recognized the lake as the lake of my life, a mud hole of vast proportions. So much chaos churning under the surface.

Special Ops – This was a very lucid interaction with my Team. I gave them a piece of my mind, telling them I did not like being “played”. In the context of the dream I was a part of this mission-oriented group but I was being separated and watched closely for my behavior and being off mission. I told them I knew they were keeping watch and influencing my life, ushering me in one direction or another. I was “onto them”. lol I told them I did not like being under constant surveillance for their concern that I might kill myself. They began joking then about all the ways I could do that, trying to make light of the situation. I got angry and said to them, “It’s all fun when it’s not you, but what if it was about your family, your children!?” I began to get choked up. One woman said, “It would not be funny.” They all stopped laughing then. When I awoke I was in the midst of giving them a stern talking to and still upset. I knew the message was that I could choose to feel “played” or I could play my part without resistance. It was very obviously a communication that I had a choice to be conscious or unconscious, allowing or resistant.

Open Door – I was a child and I opened the door to a woman. I made a choice to open the door to mySelf.

Undead man – This one was very strange. I was traveling and stopped by a barricade of cars placed in my path on purpose. The last car I walked around turned into a man’s body, very obviously dead with pale skin and cold to the touch. He ended  up following me. I turned and we talked. He said though his body was dead he was most certainly alive. For some reason I was quite drawn to him and we ended up embracing. I remember feeling a strong bond with him. I asked him if he felt it. He did. When I woke the feeling was that I was recognizing and integrating a long dead piece of myself.


Under the Surface

Behind the dreams there was yet more interaction. I was meeting with people who I know in this life, some I have met in-person, others I have not. In these interactions I was discussing the changes in me and how it will affect our relationship. There was no upset here, just honest discussion and confrontation of the facts.

The memory of these interactions just came to me out of the blue. It was not with me when I awoke. The impressions that are returning to me now are that my energy is not going to be the same and so reactions to me/my energy will cause a shift in relationships. I have no sadness about this. It just feels like a normal part of the process.

There was also a recognition that my Light body is different. I have had dreams of stepping into a new Light body before, but now I am IN that new Light body and becoming accustomed to it. This goes hand-in-hand with the shift in relationships mentioned above. Like attracts Like. If I change, so will those around me change. I am reminded that it is very important relinquish all attachment, for attachment to an outcome or person will leave residual connections (cords) and make separation that much more difficult.




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