Into the Underworld

I had a very interesting dream encounter with one of my guides this morning. It was so vivid that I recall more details than is usual for me. When I awoke, this guide was with me still and I would shift into the in-between while talking with him.

Dream: Moon Circle and Egg Ceremony

It began with me standing inside a bookshop of some sort. It was like I was transported there and suddenly gained awareness. This disoriented me and I frantically tried to get my bearings, looking around and taking note of my surroundings. I saw books and items indicating I was in a spiritual store of some kind. I relaxed but still didn’t know why I was there.

A man approached me and handed me a tin box about the size of the palm of my hand. It resembled an Altoids tin. It was silver and had a single word written on it. I was in the process of leaving, feeling I had forgotten something, when he said, “Hi, my name is_________. Do you have a moment to talk?” I took the tin and said, “Hi _________.” He said, “You said my name!” I said, “Yes. Hi, I’m Dayna.” He said, “Thanks for taking my business card.” I said, “You’re welcome” and shook the container. Something rattled inside. I said, “Mints!” I turned away and he went about his business, handing out his cards (tins).

Still disoriented, I tried to locate myself in time, which wasn’t happening. For some reason I thought I had class at 3:20 and kept looking at a clock which said that exact time. This made me feel late. I hate feeling late, but then the clock never moved. It was frozen. I was in a place of no time.

I got into a line but then realized I had nothing to purchase so went looking for something and then changed my mind. I ran into the man again and laughed saying, “I forgot my sunglasses!” I had them in my hand and he smiled. He said to me, “Will you be coming to the ceremony?” I said, “I don’t know.” I looked at the tin wondering what he was talking about and then went outside to find my car.

I couldn’t find it at first but then heard the horn honking and saw the lights flashing. I opened the door (unlocked) and saw my keys laying on the passenger seat out in the open. I found my purse under the seat. I got inside and sat down thinking, “I never leave my keys in an unlocked car with my purse. What is going on?” I connected this memory loss with my waking life, recognizing the similarities. Then I looked in my hand at the tin I had been given. It morphed into a large pamphlet, black in color, with faint writing all over it and images marking three sections. I remembered the three stages of ascension I had been told about in 2005. I knew I was in the “physical” stage: transformation and completion of physical structure.

I sat there reading the pamphlet in full for a while, caught up in my own little world. I saw that the words could only be read at an angle and were about the phases of the moon and circles set to occur on the new and full moon. Along with the dates and times, there were sections outlining the angels associated with each phase of the moon. I was particularly drawn to the full moon phase which had the heading, “Satan’s Fallen Angels” on it. Below was a long list of angels and images of snakes that corresponded to them. The next heading was entitled, “Snake Dance” and had instructions on how to do particular dances corresponding to the angels and their associated snake. There was a mention of a book, written by a female author, that said, “For more information, refer to the book…”

I was startled from my reading by the man, his face inside the open car window. He said, “Hiya! So are you going to come tonight!?” I laughed because his English accent was so pronounced and then looked and saw that the new moon ceremony was set to occur at 3:20am. I said, “I don’t know. That’s pretty early in the morning.” I said, “You have a UK accent. I’ve been there before. Are you from there?” He said, “Yeah, all my life.” Then we spoke for a bit about the ceremony, who would be there, etc. All I recall are images of a group standing in a circle, holding hands. The next thing I remember is staring into the man’s eyes and panicking a little, my thoughts drawn to my husband and worrying about being married. What is weird is I thought of my first husband and then corrected my thought to my current one, panicking yet some more because I had accidentally mixed them up. lol The man said to me, “It’s okay that you’re married.” I looked into his brown eyes and felt pulled into them, they were very familiar.


Into The Underworld

I awoke knowing the Kundalini had not finished with me. The guide from the dream was still with me.

I said to him, “So the Kundalini is coming back (snake dance). This time it is going to take me to the ‘underworld’ (as symbolized by Satan’s fallen angels). It’s going to correspond to the phases of the moon again. I thought this was done.” I felt a bit deflated. I said, “I’m not interested in the spiritual or spiritual groups anymore. I just want to rest.” He said, “That is to be expected but you can’t rest forever. We have work to do.” I was/am still not interested.

I wondered why he had been so surprised about me saying his name in the dream. What was the name anyway? Scott. Ryan Scott I think. Who is that? He said, “Does it matter? You said it.” And I realized I had but that the reason it was so important is because I acknowledged him by name which means I am also acknowledging myself. Okay, big deal I suppose but I didn’t care much.

We continued to talk. I accepted his invitation eventually after much encouragement by him. It appears I needed to accept it because once I did, he left. lol But not before including the egg ceremony in as part of the package. “What is that?” I wondered and thought it must have something to do with the aura. Egg = shape of the aura, right? So couldn’t be all bad. I then knew my aura had grown by two feet. Again, I wasn’t impressed.

Apparently he was not finished. I heard a song in my head that suggested I was looking for something in particular. I knew what it was – the drug-like lure of Kundalini. It is indeed very drug-like and seductive. I shuddered at the thought because it brings out a part of me that I have trouble controlling. I heard, “It will be different this time.” Okay, how? No response but the thought of the underworld came to mind. That doesn’t sound seductive at all. Maybe scary but not seductive.

I have not researched the fallen angels or their links to the underworld  (Earth in my interpretation) but I did research “egg ceremony”. And what do you know? There IS such a thing! And it is related to Shamanism. Why is it that I’m not surprised? At least I was right about it’s connection to the aura.

And the new moon is in two days – January 28th. The feeling is that the circle is something others in my group know is coming, too. Considering my dreams have been about my group the last couple of nights, I suspect I will recognize some of them. That is if I remember the “ceremony”. I am told I will start to bring back more and more memory of these encounters and experiences. Since I already remember so much, this will be interesting.


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