Self/self, Teacher/Student

Yet another experience that proves that some major changes are occurring.

Dream: Thank You God for Everything

I usually post dreams in my other blog, but this one is special.

There was a whole dream sequence where I was buying a “new” used car that cost $31k. The car was referred to as a house and I was indecisive because the car/house cost so much.

Then I was driving/flying along a familiar road I have traveled countless times this life. I had done something “wrong”. It was decided that I would go to prison while my fate was decided. So I did as I was told, soon finding myself in a low security facility in the women’s line standing across from the men’s line. I got my things and went to my room where my clothes were laid out on an unmade bed. It seemed I had been there a while, but how long? Confused, I asked how long it would be until I heard news. I heard, “11 weeks.” At the same time I knew I had been there almost two months already. 11 weeks would be soon.

Then I went to a meeting with my roommate. She said, “You’re late.” I apologized. She took me up to an open window. She said, “Be careful. You haven’t been outside in a long time.” She was referring to my feet and their softness. I looked at my feet and they were soft and new with concentric circles on the bottom. I remember recognizing the circles as a message.

I walked on the soft, cool, green grass to a depression that was filled with the same grass. I sat down and then fell back into it, looking at the sun. It was warm and the feeling was wonderful. I began to say a prayer from my childhood:

Thank you for the world so sweet.
Thank you for the food we eat.
Thank you for the birds that sing.
Thank you God for everything.

As I said the prayer/blessing I began to cry happy tears. I woke sobbing with tears in my eyes.


Self/self, Teacher/Student

It was 3am and I was a different me. Completely. And with full awareness. Pure clarity.

The prison in the dream was a prison of the mind, one I have been in my entire life. “I” in this case is another version of me. We’ll refer to her as myself in contrast to mySelf. This self was created for this lifetime by mySelf in conjunction with an infinite Self composed of a series of selves. The infinite Self is my Teacher. I, as the student, created myself for this human experience. I am the Self that Remembers. She is the self that Forgets. Though I Remember, I do not Remember everything as I am a student, still learning, learning through myself. My Teacher is also learning and is student to a Teacher as well. My Teacher Remembers where I Forget. Yet I Remember more than myself.

Confused yet? LOL

I saw the pattern on my feet and knew what the concentric circle represented. The circles are me as consciousness, spreading outward, becoming bigger and bigger the further from the center I get. The small self is at the center with the Self on the next circle. As her awareness grows, she expands outward from the center into the next circle. She Remembers more and more, expands more and more. As that self moves into Self, the Teacher who was once Self becomes the student once again and shifts into the new small self. The next ring then becomes the Self and the cycle continues. Layer upon layer upon layer. Self teaching Self learning from self.

With this clarity I understood exactly why my Teachers always tell me, “I am YOU.” They are, I just couldn’t see it.

I asked my Teacher, “How far do the circles expand outward?” My Teacher replied, “How far do ripples in water go?” I replied, “For infinity.” He nodded agreement.

No wonder I was crying happy tears. I walked outside the prison of my mind for the first time, into the new Me.

As I become use to this new version of myself, I am warned to be “careful”. Similar to walking barefoot on feet that have never been outside, there is an adjustment period that must be gone through so that my new feet can grow callouses, get toughened.

My Teacher and I spoke at length. I could feel myself as witness. MySelf as the Teacher. Self to self. So utterly amazing to me even now as I recount the feeling, live the feeling. Whoa.

My Teacher asked, “When will you tell her?” I replied, “Not yet. When she’s ready.” I was instructed not to try and analyze what this meant. I didn’t.


Always Expanding

This physical experience is my classroom. I always knew this but I can see that now. This environment is meant for the created self to learn as the experiencer of physicality. A seed planted that grows and changes.There has long been talk about shifting into one’s Higher Self, shifting into 5D, ascension, etc. Labels upon labels upon labels that distort understanding and shift one into the mind, further trapping them in the prison of their own creation.

There is no need for labels. Expansion just IS. We ripple outward, growing, evolving, expanding into Self. It is never-ending. We are never-ending.

My experience of this growth is my own. My entire head was alight with energy as I stepped into mySelf. There is no describing it really. Words do it no justice. The closest I can come is to say what I experienced was enlightenment. But then that is a label. Right now I am keenly aware of being both the Teacher and the student, of being Self and self at the same time. I choose which Self/self to be depending on the circumstance and what I want to experience. It is a day to celebrate and I am. To finally taste what is it like to be the full version of ME is quite an accomplishment.



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6 Responses to Self/self, Teacher/Student

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  2. MollyB111 says:

    <3… and you used several words I didn't yet so resonate with me today (mind jail, labels). Enjoy and celebrate… you are free, liberated, yippee!

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  3. Karin says:

    Wow, amazing! Congratulations!

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