Light Language Emergence

I was recently asked to discuss my experience with and emergence of Light Language. I created a YouTube video about it previously after my return from Mt. Shasta in 2016, but it does not go into much detail and is only about 5 minutes in length. You can find that video here.

Light Language (LL) was not a part of my reality until 2015. That was the year that my guidance came through and told me outright that I was a walk-in. Of course, I had no idea what a walk-in was at the time, nor had I ever heard of LL. The most active month of that year was May, 2015 and you can peruse my other blog, Living Life In-Between for the posts from the time period. If you click on the above link it will take you to those posts. That month I actually began to hear LL and began to receive symbols and even sign language (The Universal Galactic Language). Later I began to research the term walk-in and found a group on FB which I quickly joined. That is when I learned that the symbols, codes and sign language I had been receiving had a name – Light Language – and that there were many others like me who would write, sign and speak it.

The LL codes continued to infiltrate my dreams and in-between experiences. I had ET experiences also during this time and often found myself downloaded with code or on board space craft with symbols etched into them. Here are two examples of the kinds of dreams and in-between experiences I would have: Dream: Light Language Transmission and A Night of Light Language.  My most recent experience was an OBE in which I saw codes etched into my bedroom walls. I posted the symbols from that OBE in this blog, here.

In the Fall of 2015 I learned of an up-coming gathering of walk-ins and so signed up and attended in May, 2016. While there, I received a LL activation. Something about the activation kicked me into high gear and not long after I was spontaneously speaking LL and feeling the urge to draw and paint the symbols. This escalated throughout 2016. Coincidentally (or not) so did the Kundalini. I eventually felt inspired to paint the symbols I was receiving and began to make audio and video recordings of the LL I received. Prior to this time I would not have felt any desire or inspiration to paint or make audio/video recordings. This was completely new to my personality, unexpected but embraced.


The Experience

When I have a spontaneous outpouring of LL it is accompanied by chakra activity first in my heart and then in my third-eye and crown chakras. It feels like information is streaming down into my heart via my crown. Sometimes I get English words mixed in with the transmissions. Very often I will receive no English, only LL and a sense of what the message is trying to relay. I will often draw symbols while receiving the transmission but sometimes I will get the symbols before or after the transmission comes through. Then I will receive the source of the transmission. Most originate from Sirius or the Pleiades.

To me, LL is the language of Source. It is a multidimensional, multiple frequency transmission directly from Source. It is not easily interpreted and some say to try to do so degrades the LL. My experience, thus far, has been that if an interpretation is requested by me, one will be given, but it will be of or near my own frequency in this physical body and much will be lost in translation.

I have found that speaking/singing in LL or painting/drawing the symbols immediately affects my vibration and puts me into a more balanced state. It can also be used to set intention, to assist others who are struggling or need assistance, initiate healing and activate others. I am sure, though, that there are even more uses that I have yet to explore.



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