Lots of activity last night and this morning. More preparation.

In one vivid dream I was talking to a FB friend who also speaks Light Language. We were discussing the symbols/codes and their use. She drew one for me, telling me it was a specific symbol meant just for me. I remember watching the strokes of her paintbrush and trying to memorize the symbol so I could write it when I woke. This is what I recall of the symbol:


I remember in the dream that when she drew the first part of the symbol I thought, “That looks like an angel.” The second part seemed to be held by this angelic Being. A box or maybe a gift? I don’t know but you can see it clearly in the image I drew.

Archangel Michael

Another impression that came later in the morning hours was of an angelic Being who stood very tall and bright. I knew it was an angel and the name “Michael” came into my mind. I woke up suddenly when I heard the name.

Note: The waking is purposeful. I have taught myself over many years of dreamwork that the best way to recall important information coming via the dreamstate is to wake up, take note of it by either going over and over it in your mind or writing it down. I typically just go over it in my mind since writing it down often wakes me up too much and I prefer to enter back into the in-between as soon as possible.

Backstory: Yesterday I was in a state of confusion most of the day, feeling on the edge of losing my mind perhaps but not quite that bad. I have become so use to this odd feeling that I have learned to stay in my heart and request help. I requested help several times yesterday. Every time I had a thought such as, “I need help. Something’s gotta change”, I saw the number 111. One time, while at the gym, I was asking and saw the 111 three times, once twice at the same time so 111-111. Each time I saw the numbers it was after I was panicking and thinking, “I need help. I can’t do this alone anymore.” I finally acknowledged the message and stopped asking.

Archangel Michael is a protector. He is often seen holding a sword. He provides spiritual protection, guarding against fear and fear-based energies. His primary purpose is the slaying of Ego and fear. You can read more about him here.

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  1. I was talking with a friend about dreams I had early in awakening that had to do with a symbolic language I would see in dreams that were encoded into water and were also on the body like tattoos on the body of a being. My friend wondered if this wasn’t like the symbols that reiki practitioners use in healing. I explained that when I read the account of the man who developed reiki it was clear to me that he had an awakening and went on to teach others how to move this universal pranic force for healing, so the use of these symbols may well have been ones that he saw or that others saw as they interacted or were impacted by this energy. My friend said that it was the secrecy with which the Reiki practitioners kept the information about the symbols that turned her off to the whole discipline, adding that these symbols served as a gatekeeper role where you had to pay money in order to enroll and then later learn. After having spontaneously feeling the flow of this energy during a healing as it moved through my hands without any teaching whatsoever, I too have been a bit….incredulous. I think this is a natural state we can all tap into in a natural way without being taught. I think it’s what we are.

    I think these things are available to all. And to me, they are any kind of symbol that we can use that helps to focus the mind to a given area of information, much like the symbolism of dream imagery do for us in order to grasp more complex material the symbol represents. I think its interesting that you work with this kind of a language since I think that it helps to work with and activate the intuitive parts of our minds (which is very good in my book).

    When things get hard, let go. The help you need is the power that will flow when you just let whatever you are straining against go. It works wonders. That, and breath-work if you need it to get you there. Maybe you can create a library of these symbols for spiritual work? We have been using symbol as a potent form of activating the nonlinear parts of our minds for a very long time…

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    • Dayna says:

      I have the same thoughts about Reiki. I became a Reiki Master Teacher despite having natural healing abilities that came about without the use of symbols. It is all intent.

      The symbols are curious to me still. I see them etched in the walls of my bedroom while OOB or streaming down into my crown or etched into spacecraft I visit. I have concluded that they are a link between my Earth Self and my multidimensional Self and Source. When I am in LL mode I am receiving via my crown usually. It is quite powerful.

      I do use breath-work, did so last night. Am also encouraged to do Hatha yoga, meditation and follow an Ayurvedic diet. The diet is the hardest.


      • LL is light language, right? So what are the hallmarks of that for you? Would you want to do a post and I’ll read from the sidelines like a kid reading his favorite book?

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      • Dayna says:

        Yes, LL is Light Language. 🙂 I will do a post if you like. I did a YouTube video about it some time back but have not ever done a post, so it is probably time I did.


      • I’d like that if u are up to it. YouTube? Searchable by using ‘Light Language’ or?…

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      • You know, this sounds very similar to a language channeled back in ’85. Also, Jane Roberts would speak while in trance a language she called Sumari. Her trance personality had some things to say about it. Perhaps a multidimensional language from elsewhere. Where? I suspect it’s connected to a being that showed up recently that I got a good look at. Clearly extraterrestrial, very specific features. Very different from us with features I’d compare to some forms of…. mollusks. And I have this odd feeling like you might know to what I’m referring if my read on this is right.

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      • Dayna says:

        I have not hear Jane Robert’s before and know little about her. There is a similar sound to all LL I have heard, though. It probably is some kind of multidimensional dialect.


  2. But by mollusk, I do not mean in overall form. The mollusk I refer to is a specific kind with a degree of skin translucency and here on our planet, color changing ability.

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