Painting in Acrylic: The Serpent

Sharing the painting I finished today. I started it over a week ago and finally got inspired enough to finish it.

The snake is one I saw in a dream not long ago. It was yellow and green mainly and didn’t look exactly like the one I painted. In the dream, the snake scared me and seemed to try to bite me. I remember being certain it was poisonous.


I realized after I woke that the snake in the dream was symbolic of the Kundalini. In the past year I have had enormously intense surges of Kundalini energy. Recently, things have slowed down and my second and third chakras have been most affected. At the time of the dream I believe it was my heart and third chakras; thus, the coloring of the snake.

All of the chakra colors are present in the painting. Unfortunately, the indigo of the third-eye chakra shows up nearly black in this photograph. The Light Language in the painting does not have a specific translation. I was focusing on the Kundalini energy when the symbols came through.

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