Light Language for Today

It was a rough day so I took some time to let the Light Language flow. I was speaking it, too, but did not record it. Sorry. I was at work and it was hard enough to find a private place to write the LL.

This came through first. I wrote the LL and then the words came after.


This came after about an hour break. I was still feeling off kilter but after I finished this one I felt better. Calmer.


When I drew the LL for this one, this song was going through my head. Specifically, “Tonight’s gonna be a good night.” We’ll see if that’s a prediction or not tonight I guess. I could use a good night after so many nights of waking at 3-4am in tears or upset.

When I was speaking in light language, the word “Fire” kept repeating in my mind. Burning through layers. Dis-integration. Not sure if I am happy about that or not.

Finally, I continue to recall a number that came to me in dreamtime many nights ago. I had an OBE that night and prior to it I heard a conversation. It was lost to me until recently. I recalled that the discussion was about me taking a certain highway. HWY 1316. Today, while speaking in LL, that number repeated itself. This is what it means. It just so happens that 1+3+1+6 = 11.




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One Response to Light Language for Today

  1. I went into a trance like state yesterday after crying deeply for about 15 minutes .. Moved so much through me could barely walk …After the trance got❤️💜💜💙💚clear message Chrust Conciousness light body activation had already happened and all cellular debris removed new DNA …yet so foreign that 3D like foreign country .. ️️”Shining “was the words I heard ,, torch barrer is the word this AM as went to bed 745 pm woke up 1045 pm to review what just took place yikes! Still feels like WHAT such powerful emotionally

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