Visiting the Pleiadian Conglomerate

Amidst varied dreams that seemed to incite fury within, I found myself traveling aboard a vessel. I could see the vastness of space through a domed window located in the ceiling. I stood there looking up at the stars passing by, streaking so much they looked like wavy lines reminiscent of time-lapsed photos of headlights on a busy highway at night. With me was a tall, Andromedan male. He was very pale, almost white, with a bald head and very intense eyes. He was wearing a jumper of some sort but I do not recall the color. Blue I think with gold embellishments.

This visit occurred along with my dreams last night. This specific experience was intermixed with a dream about trying to charge my cell phone and preparing for a journey by plane the next morning. The two were superimposed but when the cell phone dream ended I found myself on board the vessel with the tall Andromedan.

I knew the vessel I was traveling in was a transport vessel meant for a max occupancy of three or four people. It was only me and the tall Andromedan on board. I was very upset despite being in familiar territory. The Andromedan asked me to look at him. He said, “What do you see?” That is when my memory becomes very vivid. I can see him clear as day and I identified him immediately as Andromedan. I also knew who he was, though a name did not come to mind. Instead, I knew he was taking me to see the Pleiadian Conglomerate.

The memory gets hazy here but I know I arrived at our destination because I saw many more Andromedans walking to and fro to their specific destinations. We were at a processing hub of some sort and I remember getting excited and exclaiming, “They are all Andromedans!”


Though I do not recall our exact conversation, I know the later dreams of this morning were a result of our discussion. He was attempting to give me hope, to help me re-establish communication lines where needed and to remember my mission. I am aware of recalling that my role now is to immerse myself in the walk-out’s life but I am hitting many obstacles. Often I reject the experiences I have outright. The energy is uncomfortable for me and I do not know how to respond to it or to make it feel right. Much of what I feel is unfamiliar to me and so even more difficult to resolve. I also feel extremely lonely. I miss my Soul Family.

There is faint memory here of being reminded of the transition period I am in and how to “ride the transition” with little incident. The depletion of energy I am experiencing is because I am not fully in the body. My rejection of the last two chakras proving difficult to overcome. They feel icky to me – the emotional content and beliefs associated with these two chakras are overwhelmingly repellent. There is so much attachment to outcome, to people. There is also a desperateness for control linked to the belief that it is the key to survival. Amidst all of this I find myself reacting to situations in ways that exacerbate all of the above. Yet, every once in a while clarity will come through as Knowing and I will relax. I remember it is all part of the experience. To be the Observer. To allow. To Trust. To Remember. Light Language comes through and my mind quiets down.

There is one other thing. I saw a brilliant flash of light while in the in-between. It immediately reminded me of something I saw a few nights ago after an especially upsetting dream about Standing Rock. While sitting outside observing the stillness of the night and hearing the water from the nearby creek more loudly than I ever have, I saw a bright flash of light from my upper right. I turned to look and saw only the familiar stars of the night sky. There was no noise, not even the typical highway noises from nearby I-35. Just the sound of the water from the creek. I heard, “That was the light of Sirius.” I waited to see it again, but nothing happened.

When I recalled this memory I realized that some kind of ET communication had been initiated with me that night. I don’t remember anything other than the light; however, similar lights are always associated with Contact, at least in my experience.


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