Painting in Acrylic: Completion

One of my recent paintings reminded me of the painting I did while I was visiting Tennessee in late September. As I mentioned previously, upon my return home, I painted over that painting with black. I never took a picture of that painting so it is forever lost except in my memory. However, I do remember the symbol and that is the symbol I painted today.

This painting is much brighter than the original and pretty much everything about it is different except for the central symbol – a circle with two parallel lines on opposite sides. In this painting I doubled the symbol, placing a smaller one inside a larger one and offsetting the parallel lines. I am not sure why. I just felt it should be that way.


I have actually been holding off on painting this symbol for a couple of days. Why? I did not really want the symbol to “speak” to me anymore than it already had because I have been very emotional lately. When I originally painted it in Tennessee, my vibration was super high and I was in a very balanced place. This balance was hard to come by, though, and it took a significant amount of work – lots of grounding, speaking in light language, being outside in nature, and handling crystals.

The original painting had what looked very much like a rocket ship placed around the symbol. When my guidance reminded me of this symbol I was shown the rocket ship and informed that it’s inclusion on the painting was purposeful. We, myself and my complement (lol had to use that word), were both about to “take off”. The symbol is representative of us – our individual paths paralleling each other with a circle of Divine completion in the center.

It’s a very powerful symbol.

The original painting also had light language symbols on the left and the right side. It is the only painting I have ever done to date where I actually included a LL transmission within the painting itself. When I was reminded of the painting I was asked to remember the energy I felt when painting it. I was then asked to reflect on the Knowing that came through. Mostly, I recall feeling overwhelming amounts of love pouring from my heart. There was so much love I could not contain it all which is why I ended up in tears later on during my visit. It wasn’t that I was sad or grieving, it was that I had never felt so much love in all my life. A love bigger than life itself. And it wasn’t for anyone in particular. It was all me and it was like my body could no longer contain me.

The Knowing is harder to recall because I wasn’t exactly thinking. I was feeling and Being. But when I look deep enough I see that I Knew I was right where I was suppose to be. Everything was falling into place and I had complete and total Trust.

I am not exactly sure what to call this painting. When I look at it, though, I am focused on the circle and think, “Completion”. So I guess that is what I will call it. This is, however, a completion very close to my heart, well OF my heart, which is why I am not including it with the Light Codes. You can use it that way if you wish, but for me it contains memories and experiences very dear to me, some still not fully accessed.

Edit: I did take a photo of the original painting! Here it is. You can feel the difference in energy.


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  1. Yes very powerful ❤️Love “oneness”

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