Since I am in the midst of a creative streak, I decided to paint again today. I asked for suggestions on FB but even before I got replies I saw a symbol in my mind. It looked familiar – like the symbol for Pisces! Now, looking up Pisces the first thing I see is that it’s ruling planet is Neptune and I laugh aloud because Neptune stationed direct last night. No coincidence then that I saw what I saw.

I decided to play with the symbol I was seeing. A suggestion on FB was “The moment all aspects of Self are integrated and we have full communication with Source.” That was the one that caught my attention so I went from there.

This is what resulted. I left what I had completed out to dry while I was at the gym. I asked my husband to help fill in the details. When I came back I was blown away. He added some pretty awesome detail! I didn’t take a before/after pic to compare my version to his, so I will just say that he added the “electric” feeling to the painting. I am happy with it. 🙂


I guess I will call it “Integration”. Sorry about the image quality. The lighting just didn’t cooperate with me this evening.

While I was painting this piece I also saw a line from the center extending down. At the end of it was another circle with a cross in the middle. I didn’t paint that part because while I was painting it just didn’t seem to fit at that moment. I don’t know exactly what the other part of the symbol represented but felt I should include it here just so you all know about it. Perhaps it will mean something to one of you.

My main focus while painting was on the infinity symbol which is created by the two 6’s (or 9’s however you look at it). The numbers stood out to me for some reason. I also knew it was necessary to make the two numbers gold and silver. Again, not sure why, but when I see the image my heart is happy and that is all that matters.

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3 Responses to Integration

  1. herongrace says:

    Cool! Nice job. Naturally I noticed the similarity to Pisces symbol yesterday. Now your husband has combined the sign of Cancer a water sign with yin yang.
    The other suggestion I noticed yesterday was of the torus symbol. This is a fascinating energy phenomenon which occurs throughout the cosmos and in everyone of our cells. Our planet’s torus enters through the north pole, runs through the middle and comes out the south pole and keeps repeating.
    If you want more information of vesica pisces symbol which means the fish, their is an interesting answer on
    Pythagoreans used the symbol of 2 intersecting circles to show the intersection of the world and the divine. I am getting bits of a Dolores Cannon reference to our planet here.
    All sorts of wonderful symbology here!

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    • Dayna says:

      Thank you! Yes I see all those symbols intermixed in my most recent paintings. I try not to think too much about it. Besides one of my favorite things about painting is that I don’t think, I just feel and I need that right now. I was reminded to stay in the heart again this morning. Sigh. And I completely missed the Cancer symbol here! Thanks for that! So very cool!


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