New Guidance

Sometime yesterday the walk-in personality kicked in unexpectedly. I was walking the halls at work and suddenly burst into Light Language. There was no one around and it continued for a good 10 minutes. I felt substantially lighter afterward and was grateful for the gift.

The walk-in continued to dominate and still does. It is like the end of the work week brought about a total Shift into the walk-in. My perceptions are heightened and my focus has been on my guidance and more spiritual matters.

In the night I was introduced to two new guides, an older couple. These guides are a couple in Spirit and I understood their connection to be similar to a pair bond or Divine counterpart Union. The man of this pair is much older than the woman with graying hair and standing a good foot taller than her. The woman has medium brown hair that falls below her shoulders and is about my height, maybe shorter. When I awoke I knew they were being introduced to me and understood that their purpose was to act as counselors specifically assigned to help me with my purpose/mission and my connection with my counterpart. This purpose felt extremely important, almost urgent. When I asked their names the man gave me the name “John” and I heard quickly after, “Silver”. I laughed, thinking of Long John Silver but then was corrected by the woman who said to me, “My name is Hope.” I felt that was appropriate and knew it was likely a message more than a name.

In my dream interactions with this pair the woman, Hope, had come into my house with John. I was curious and followed them. She knelt down at my feet and kissed the wood floor, indicating that I do the same. The feeling here was that she was honored to be my guest and showing reverence to the situation (house) in which I find myself.  She and I sat and talked for some time, discussing my current situation while John stood back and watched.


Twice I was shown calendars indicating a backwards movement in time. For example, I saw a marker on the end of the week and then it was moved backward to the previous week. I was also shown the same backwards movement but for a whole month’s worth of time. Then, I was given what appeared to be game pieces in the shape of tiny houses, like in Monopoly. They were in the colors of the chakras and there were 7 total. My attention was then directed to a digital clock on the wall. The time was 11:11 but there was an infinity symbol instead of a clock.

Upon waking I felt alerted to something coming and was reassured it was change I could handle. It was then that I recalled an entire dream sequence in which I was transferring into another human body. It was the body of a naked female who was sitting in the fetal position. Though I don’t recall much more than that there was a Knowing that I spent a great deal of dreamtime in this interaction. I was heavily guided and remember a male guide standing on my right. He was much, much taller than me, standing a good 7-8 feet tall, with black hair and wearing a light colored robe.

My interpretation of this was that I was witnessing a soul transfer. Whether it was real or practice, I don’t know, but it is still quite vivid in my mind and the Knowing that comes with this memory is that a major shift is coming. The first thought I had was, “It’s soon” and felt next year was significant. My next thought was that this was where the walk-out would be going and I had the immediate and familiar concern that I would somehow “cease” to Be. I was reassured that was not the case and that I would be more fully myself. I should have been comforted by this but I wasn’t. I was concerned.

In recalling and retelling the night’s events I am reminded of something I wrote down in June, 2014, when my guidance approached me and informed me that it was time for me to begin my work and “help with the ascension.” I was informed that 4 years from that point (2014) would be substantial and the feeling with it was of “endings”, similar to death and I interpreted it as such. I know it is not a literal “death”, though. Despite 2018 being over a year away, right now it seems very, very soon for some reason.

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3 Responses to New Guidance

  1. MollyB111 says:

    ❤ this! Energy overload yet in a good way the past 24 hours. SOOO much available, wowziers! 11/11 is here and now! Love ya!!

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  2. MollyB111 says:

    And I had to come back and read this again. This is huge. It’s great to be getting some clarity, finally, lol. ❤ the picture!

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