Light Code: Rebirth

How to Use Light Codes

Similar to an affirmation, the code(s) should be placed in a location where they are easily seen. The codes are activated by reciting the words below, which can be recited as many times as needed. The name of the code identifies the final product of a completed energy circuit which will be initiated once the code is activated.



Se-ah-stay Lunan-ah-te So-las-tah
Pur-est Lay-tone-ah Eh-ah-tah Tu-es
Che-nah Oot Ah-nah Oot-eh Lay-ah-nah

May I like the Lotus bloom in the muddiest of waters.
Each day opening my petals to the rising sun.
Free of the contaminants of the previous day,
and with appreciation for the new one.
Allow me to float above the muddy waters of attachment and desire,
becoming pure in body, speech and mind.
To be reborn each day, each moment,
as my True Divine Self.

Copyright 2016 with All Rights Reserved


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