We are Facilitating the Transfer

I had a very, very busy night spiritually speaking.



Facilitating the Transfer

Yesterday I worked hard to keep my energy separate from his to the point of shutting down communication. So last night, concerned, he asked me, “What is happening to you?” I told him, “I don’t know.” Not long after he left, I requested assistance from my guides. I asked them, “I need your help. Please help me find clarity; to know what to do.”

I must have fallen asleep around 10pm but don’t remember doing so. The next thing I recall is being in a dream in which I was barefoot in a forest. An strong energy that I identified as threatening came toward me. Visually it was the color red and appeared as tendrils of smoke that moved as if alive. It spoke to me as it formed into the number 13. I heard it say, “13” in a hoarse whisper. Then it surrounded me and I felt a part of me shift out and away, as if being kidnapped. The smoke said, “The destination is 13.”

I awoke abruptly and flew out of bed. I was disoriented and did not know where I was or how much time had passed. All I knew was I needed to find a pen and paper. When I did finally get it and tried to write down what happened I was a total blank except for the number 13. I saw it was only 10:30pm and then regained memory. I was concerned and lay in my bed surrounding myself with Divine Light and asking for protection.

My solar plexus began to pull uncomfortably at this time and I felt the urge to speak in Light Language. I did this until the solar plexus energy lessened. Then I began to remember what had happened in tiny pieces. I knew my interpretation of what was going on had made the dream seem threatening when it was not. I knew it was “the 9” who had come to “take me Home.” I knew they were not going to harm me. I was reminded of seeing a light in the dark prior to bed as I sat outside. It flashed and then I heard, “Lights will guide you Home” from the Coldplay song Fix You.  Then I recalled my husband’s words, “What is happening to you” and me saying “I don’t know”. My guidance said to me then, “We are facilitating the transfer. Do not be afraid.”

With all this Knowing I found myssolar-plexuself suddenly having amnesia again. It is as if my mind was not my own. There was recognition of a fear/panic reaction. I could sense it there but was not overcome by the feeling. It was like someone else’s feeling and I was just watching.

As I tried to relax into whatever was happening I knew there was a Shamanic component to what was happening and would happen in the coming hours. I knew I would experience a Shamanic journey of some sort. I knew also to look for and follow the Light.

Finally, I understood who “the 9” were. I remembered that when the “change of guard” occurred not long ago that I had two sets of guides. One set numbered 12 and the other 9. The group of 9 stood to my right and back, as if they were the ones leaving. I interpreted this as the guidance for the walk-in (12) and the walk-out (9). I have not seen them for some time so understood that to mean they had left. I realized both groups of 9 were one in the same and that they had indeed come to take me, or a part of me, Home. The reaction, of course, was fear, and I was reminded of how when someone passes unexpectedly or traumatically they will see their fears and resist going to the Light. I remembered, then, that my guidance had been telling me prior to my trip to TN, “We will take you Home.”

With all the pieces coming together I was a bit in awe of everything. I had asked for help, for clarity, and it was being given. However, it was clear to me that the walk-out was not having any of this and resisting the very thing she desired most: to go Home. I recognized her reappearance and affect upon me in the past week or so – the confusion, the inner conflict, the memories resurfacing, and the reverting to past self-destructive tendencies. All needing to be observed and acknowledged, which I have been doing.

There is more to this story, but I will end it for now because this post is getting long. There was a Shamanic journey, however, which I will share in another post.



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4 Responses to We are Facilitating the Transfer

  1. sophia.kuzminski@hotmail.com says:

    Day-na, I am crying so feaking hard, I am going through same energy….right now, oh G-d help US…

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  3. kittyasmith says:

    My husband is trying so hard to hang onto me. I just don’t say much. I feel like a traitor sometimes.

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