Light Code: Change

How to Use Light Codes

Similar to an affirmation, the code(s) should be placed in a location where they are easily seen. The codes are activated by reciting the words below, which can be recited as many times as needed. The name of the code identifies the final product of a completed energy circuit which will be initiated once the code is activated.



Ah-mu-purah Sest-eh-la-turah
Tu-at-eh Te-ah-nay Zus-taleh Ah-me-teh
Pur-la-nu-ah Soost-et Ahn-teh
Che-las-teh, Ah-murah-se-las-te

It is said the only constant is change.
Divine Light help me to allow without expectation
the changes that inevitably come with life.
To experience the lessons change has to teach me.
To express gratitude and appreciation no matter the hardship.
And to steer myself in the way of my heart no matter the challenges that lay before me.
So be it.

Copyright 2016 with All Rights Reserved

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