My Walk-In Experience (Still in Progress)

While in Tennessee, I had a revelation of sorts about my walk-in. Prior to this trip, I was back and forth on the subject. Some days I was sure I was a walk-in and others, not. For some reason everything clicked for me in Tennessee, though. All the pieces of the puzzle were there but I had never put them together in such a way as to “see” the whole beautiful picture.

The events leading up to my recollection were preparing me for Remembering. I had a long conversation with my friend, Yvonne, author of the book Walk-In’s Among Us as well as other books. Not long after, I met a new friend named Cindy who shared with me her walk-in experience. It occurred this past April and she was still in major confusion mode and struggling to adjust. In the midst of my conversation with Cindy it was like a light bulb went off and I knew without a doubt that I had walked-in way back in 2002. I also knew why I had struggled all these years, gone through a Dark Night of the Soul and married my current husband and started a family.

I had read Yvonne’s book previously and pieces of the information contained within it came to mind almost instantly. It was as if my mind was this giant computer processor and pieces of data were being selected and downloaded all at once. Mind blowing and quite emotional.

walk-in.jpgThe Story (Short Version)

In 2002 I was in a dead-end marriage living in Fairbanks, AK. My then-husband was a state trooper and often called away for a month or more at a time. I would be left alone with my dog, no family, no friends, and in miserably cold and dark conditions. In September, I quit my part-time job because budget cuts created a shift in my position, one that I did not want. I then found myself at home, alone, with no one to talk to. I despaired quite quickly, not wanting to face yet another cold, dark winter alone and longing to return to Texas or any warmer climate with sun all year long. Yet I was plagued with fear about what I knew I needed to do. I needed to leave my marriage and set out on my own; make a life for myself. But I couldn’t do it. I was frozen with fear.

That month I entered yet another deep depression. This one was the worst ever and I found myself sitting at my husband’s work station holding one of his loaded pistols in my hand. He kept guns everywhere, and this one was often under his pillow, loaded and ready. I don’t remember getting the gun. I just remember holding it and my mind was set on using it.

I don’t know how long I sat there holding that gun, but I remember what was going on in my mind. I was trying to talk myself out of it and thankfully it worked. I couldn’t imagine doing such a thing to my family. I felt awful. Selfish. The lowest form of scum for even thinking about ending my own life. And I knew that if I did it I would have to do this life all over again. That was what finally caused me to put the gun away. No way did I want a repeat of this life!

I pretended it never happened and went on with life. By October I was in a numb sorta depressed state, one where I was functional but only to the point of getting things done. I woke up one morning in early October, 2002. My husband was home but already awake. I heard very distinctly a male voice say loudly, “GET OUT NOW!” The voice seemed to come from across the room but no one was there. I blinked, thought that I must be dreaming and prepared to get out of bed. The voice repeated, “GET OUT NOW!” That was enough for me. I was going to.

After waking up, I had a long talk with my husband and by the end of that conversation it was agreed we should separate. I would move home to Texas, take my dog and belongings and find a job. Later, I tried to change my mind and he wouldn’t let me. By week’s end I was back in Texas.

In November I got my first teaching job. It turned out to be the best job I have EVER had. I mean, I LOVED that job. By February, I was feeling powerful, happier than I had ever remembered being and making loads of money – my OWN money. I thoroughly enjoyed living with my mom, too. In my mind, I could have lived with her forever. I considered her my best friend and we were great roommates. Plus I could watch my half-brother grow up and help her raise him.

In a perfect state, or so it seemed, I ran into a coworker who introduced me to Sylvia Browne. I read her book Life on the Other Side, did a meditation, and my entire life was turned upside down. I have already told the story in my other blog so will leave it at that.

Mid-February to mid-March I went through a complete and total spiritual transformation. I was a changed person. Mid-March was also when my divorce was finalized.

By May I had decided to quit my job and move north to start a new life as the new person I knew myself to be. I changed my name, packed up my things, found a house and started my spiritual practice/business. I told my family my story, even displaying my newfound spiritual abilities to their amazement. When I changed my name I told them, “My new name is Dayna Stone.” I didn’t give them an option or a say in the matter and they just accepted it. From that point on, I introduced myself as Dayna to everyone I met and even my family accepted that as my new name, though they requested they still be able to use my old one, which I allowed.

In 2004 things began to shift and my guidance was nudging me toward a return to teaching. This I completely rejected despite the obvious indicators showing me that path was the one I should take. My business floundered and everything I tried didn’t work. I was forced to substitute teach to make ends meet and eventually had to move back in with my mom. I entered into yet another deep depression because I felt that my life’s joy/purpose was being snatched away.

By 2007 I had fully returned to 3D life. I had a teaching job but was miserable. I still did spiritual work, but it was on the side and I found little to no enjoyment in it. I was angry at my guidance for abandoning me and sending me on a wild goose-chase. That year I met my current husband and knew upon meeting him I was suppose to marry him and start a family with him. There was relief in this meeting, in knowing I would no longer be alone on my journey and would have a path to follow that was new and exciting. However, I knew it was a temporary path, a detour of sorts, though at the time I didn’t know why.

In early June 2014, after the birth of my last child, my guidance approached me as profound Knowingness. My detour was complete and it was time to return to the spiritual path and complete my mission. In 2015 I was finally told by my guidance that I was a walk-in. It took them 13 years to tell me!


Completing the Puzzle

During the gathering in Tennessee what I realized was that after the walk-in I did what many walk-in’s want to do. I hit the ground running, eager to fulfill my purpose and ignoring the very obvious indicators that I needed to slow down and integrate. The walk-out was still in my field, which is often the case. She had contracts to fulfill still and I, being the new occupant of this body, was suppose to fulfill those contracts and complete her mission before I could begin my own. Part of that process involved heavy-duty healing and clearing of karmic entanglement. The more I resisted fulfilling my promises to her, the more her energy clung to this body and my energy field. The only way to help her move on was to do what I said I would do. But I got caught up in distractions, became hazy with Forgetfulness and ended up lost in the walk-out’s life patterns. This is not uncommon.

When I walked-in there was nothing indicating it had occurred. In my mind I was still the walk-out. I had all her memories, experiences, feelings, inhibitions, abilities, talents, etc. Yet I didn’t hesitate to act when I was told to get out, which was very unlike her. When my transformation hit in February I immediately had to clear specific habits and beliefs that would hold me back and did heavy-duty clearing at that time. I also became instantly aware of my spiritual gifts and could access and use them as if I had always had them without any training whatsoever. With sudden clarity I knew I needed to change my name and decided upon one very quickly. The name I chose was the very name my guides kept calling me but I had no clue why.

The energy of the walk-out is still very much a part of my own and I continue to work to clear it. Her main inclination was to give up when things got rough. She had been disappointed, misunderstood, criticized, unloved, rejected, emotionally abused, and confused so often in life that she developed a death wish very early on in life. I have been struggling to clear that tendency since the very beginning but it is so ingrained in her that it is proving very difficult. But events of the last 10 months have been leading up to the final clearing of her energy from my field and a return to my Whole Self.

Eventually I will write about my walk-in experience in-depth as a book to help others who are going through a similar experience. Walk-ins will be more and more common in the future and it is essential that there is information available to them to assist them. I am extremely grateful for the assistance given by the other walk-in’s I have encountered in the past year. Without them and their love and support I would not be where I am now.


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7 Responses to My Walk-In Experience (Still in Progress)

  1. MollyB111 says:

    Wow. This is amazing! Wow…

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  2. truthcodex says:

    Great post, thank you very much for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Karin says:

    I am glad to see you back and glad to see that you could finally make sense of what has happened. Your story is fascinating.

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  5. kittyasmith says:

    Learning more of the details of your walk-in is helpful to understanding myself. I only learned of the walk-in process when you started going through it yourself. I know I am a walk-in, now, only it seems more like I am the original soul, and the other became entrenched, refusing to let go once embodied.

    Thank you.❤️

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