Full Moon Ceremony with Light Language

Thank you to everyone who joined me last night. See how powerful we are when we join together in Love to manifest and infuse the world with our Light? I could feel all of your energies there with me last night and early this morning. And even if you didn’t join in with a ceremony of your own, your presence was felt. Much love to you all! ❤

It was a spectacular night here in Central Texas. We had clear skies, good weather, and a gorgeous view of live oaks and the Hill Country. Despite day temperatures in the 90s, the night was comfortable with temperatures in the low 70s and a gentle breeze. The full moon graced us with her presence until sometime after 8am. What a spectacular sight she was!

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There was a slight change in my original plan to camp on my own. My family really, really, really wanted to go with me, so I gave in. It turned out well except for a minor hitch in plans which shifted the time of my ceremony from 9pm to 11:00pm. My mom and step-father joined us around the fire so family time was the main focused early on. I was able to do the ceremony after everyone was asleep inside the tent, though, and the moon was nearly centered in the night sky.

I didn’t video the entire ceremony but I did video the Light Language portion. The connection established indicated LL activation and invocation of the new Earth energies.



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    Thank you to everyone who joined me last night!

    Much love,


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