Full Moon Ceremony

Tonight at 9:22pm PDT there will be a full moon. Prior to that, at 12:05pm PDT there will be a prenumbral lunar eclipse. I will be doing a full moon ceremony starting at 9pm CST.

For the past two days I have been doing a cleanse. So far the cleanse has not been difficult. The first day was a bit touch-and-go, mostly because I had caffeine withdrawal from abstaining from my morning cup of coffee. Besides a little hunger, by day 2 I felt absolutely marvelous and by day 3 (today) I continue to feel loads lighter than I did before I started.

I don’t know if it is cleanse or the upcoming full moon or both, but yesterday I was in La-La Land most of the day and this culminated in a very busy night. Not only did I have several messages from my guides but I also had 8 OBEs.


I have had several requests to post about my full moon ceremony. Since I have never done one, I requested assistance from my guidance prior to bed last night. This is what I got and will be doing for my ceremony:

Cleanse the area by smudging with sage.

Invoke the four directions

I will also be invoking the Divine Feminine. My dreams indicate that part of this involves Isis but for now I am unsure exactly what it is I will be called upon to do.

Set your intention. 

Everyone’s intention will vary depending on what it is you are wishing to manifest via this ceremony. Some people write their intentions on slips of paper, read them or recite them aloud and then burn them in the fire. I will not be doing this. Instead, I will be saying prayer. I have been guided to focus on balancing the masculine and feminine.

The next part of my ceremony will be to use Light Language to anchor the grid and the new timeline. This was also present in my dream experiences last night. I am unsure at this time what exactly this will look like but I will start by sitting cross-legged in front of the fire, setting out my crystals and meditating. Then I will allow the LL to flow and anchor the energy. When I anchor the energy I send out a request and shortly after my crown opens and the energy flows through me into the Earth. I allow the energy to flow both ways as long as needed and when it stops I am finished. This is also where I will get out my maracas and a drum (if my mom lets me borrow hers).

Close by giving thanks and invoking the four directions again.

You do not have to follow this by any means. Do whatever feels comfortable to you. I may or may not follow it myself. Often I feel guided to do certain things and so most likely this ceremony will be an intuition-led process for me.

Thank you to everyone who will be joining me. This is going to a very powerful night!

Example of calling in (invoking) the four Directions:

Taken from Opening Sacred Space.


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  1. Dayna says:

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    For those of you who will be joining me tonight!

    Much love,


  2. Thank you for posting Dayna… I used to do this so I enjoyed being there with you last night… Love to you x Barbara

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