Messenger and Kundalini

My dreams are becoming so complex and vivid lately. I spend the majority of my dreamstate in conversations with others in my group or with my guides going through detailed lessons which then vanish for the most part upon waking.

Messenger and Kundalini

In one dreamstate I was walking on the sidewalk along the side of a quiet road in some unknown city. My thoughts were interrupted by a woman on a bicycle. She was very upbeat and smiling and decked out in biking gear from head to toe. She yelled out to me, “Hey, I know you!” I looked at her and didn’t recognize her. I said, “Do you?”

She got off her bike and walked up to me still smiling. She began to tell me about the new humanity and how we need to learn how to use our hearts – live from our hearts again. She advised me to be careful of my thoughts. My thoughts about others would cause a reaction. With this, I felt bliss and ecstasy wash over me like a warm wave of water. It was spectacular. Then it was gone as quickly as it came.

The bliss feeling must have woken me up. When I woke the last waves of Kundalini could be felt and I was holding my breath. A guide was nearby and we conversed a bit on the message I received. “How do we not think about someone!?” I could not understand how it was possible with humans. We are so social, so dependent upon one another for survival. I could see no way to avoid thinking of someone the way she described (as in attachment). From what I understood, it was not expected that I should never attach to another person. It was that my thoughts needed to be monitored before I got myself into trouble. I recognized what this “trouble” could look like and understood. It still seemed impossible to me.

As if to make a point, my guide mentioned my physical counterpart. The Kundalini exploded in my heart and shot straight to my root and then up again. A rush of warmth folded around me and I felt like I was melting into the bed. I made sure to not think of anything and soon the Kundlini energy died down. Our conversation ended. Point made.


I had various strange dreams involving water all night it seemed. In one I was taking a shower, standing under pink water. In another I was in this enormous wading pool with lots of other people. I knew it was purification pool for intensive healing purposes. There was with these instances communication with my guidance about preparation for Union and the importance of rest and renewal at this time.


Class on Love

I spent most of the night in a class that resembled a yoga class. There were at least 50 other people in attendance. We were asked to sit in lotus. The teacher stopped by and checked my positioning. I had outstretched my legs and she said, “Why do you sit this way? You should sit in lotus.” She touched my thighs and acted as if she was sensing my aura. I told her it was uncomfortable for me to sit in lotus for long periods of time. She told me that it would help the energy in my lower pelvic region be more fluid if I did. I crossed my legs like she instructed. She then said she was worried about me. I asked, “Why?” She mentioned that the energy flow between myself and other’s was unbalanced. I didn’t understand.

Then it was as if I received instruction in my mind. I was shown a large circle. There were two other circles inside it, each a bit smaller. The top of the circles were larger than the bottom and had writing inside. It was a chart on the stages of divine love. The first, outermost circle had written in it, “Obsesses over the other” or something like that. The second circle had written in it, “Romantic inclinations develop.” I don’t recall what the last one said because the instructor was asking me questions and discussing the stage I was in. I recall she said that the first stage normally lasted a year. The second circle was where the teacher focused for a while, indicating it was where I was. Then she pointed to the center, saying, “mature love.” She said mature love was the ultimate goal.

When I woke from this dream the circles were very prominent in my mind and my guide was nearby. I remember discussing the dream with him but only recall now hearing more about “mature love”. I am not certain what mature love is but the circles seemed to be stages of a heart connection.

Preparation for Union
The discussion with my guides and the feeling I have now is that I am indeed preparing for what is to come. I kept asking for the Kundalini to return. Not only do I miss it but there is a need for it. It is very strange but I feel it is normal. The Kundalini leaves in it’s wake a feeling of lack because while in the throes of Kundalini ecstasy you touch upon Source/Oneness; it takes you Home. Thus, when it “leaves”, it tends to intensify one’s homesickness. They key here is to learn that it never leaves but is ever-present because it IS you. I have not gotten there yet. Still learning.
I am told that the K cannot rise yet. That I am preparing for it to rise fully to the crown. I am not told what exactly this preparation consists of but it feels like the next rise of K will be a full one and that the experience will change me. The change is what I am preparing for. There is information intermixed relating to physical union as well, but I am not sure how exactly it fits.



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