Light Code: Wholeness

How to Use these Light Codes

Similar to an affirmation, the code(s) should be placed in a location where they are easily seen. The codes are activated by reciting the words below, which can be recited as many times as needed. The name of the code identifies the final product of a completed energy circuit which will be initiated once the code is activated.



Ce-es Ta-luana Pona-ooka
Su-la Oo-nanaluka

Encourage in me integration
of the fragments of Self
I left scattered along the path to Wholeness.
I love mySelf.
I honor mySelf.
I accept mySelf.


Copyright 2016 with All Rights Reserved



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2 Responses to Light Code: Wholeness

  1. kittyasmith says:

    The symbols draw me in, fascinate me. Thank you for creating the artworks with them!

    Liked by 1 person

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