Channeled Message: The ReJoining

The second communication I received yesterday came in the form of LL intermixed with chunks of information about the current energies, their effect upon us with specific focus on the children, and what can be done to cope.

Source: Transmission received from Andromedan Emissary of Light aboard the GFL vessel the Seraphim


This first section was an introduction and recorded separately from the main transmission.

We are pleased that you have come to us once again, that you have opened your heart to our guidance. Your appreciation for our help is felt and we acknowledge it. Today we would ask you to settle down to calm your mind and relax into yourself. There is much turmoil above you in the outer layers of energy that surround the planet. These are like photons of light, photons that produce excessive bursts of energy that bombard the energy fields of those beings on your planet. The reactions can be varied from upset and aggression to calm and listlessness.


We ask once again that you be patient as your physical body adjusts to the changes and to the energy that is entering Earth’s atmosphere and lower layers of its biosphere.


Certain aspects are rejoining. This is an ever-present manifestation of Self and can be witnessed in all of those who are participating in the considerable changes that accompany the ascension process. There are moments where you will feel at odds with yourself and your current incarnation. This is merely a regenerative part of the process where you have integrated a part of yourself and are returning it to original form. It will invariably create confusion and considerable mental or physical discomfort depending on the aspect integrated. Think of yourself as a rainbow that is reflecting off of a surface. When the angle is just right the spectrum will show all of the colors of the rainbow but when focused in one particular spot the colors blend to create lack of color. This is the process that you are going through. You will invariably go through each of these colors and associated patterns of personality and lifetimes and eventually they will all settle into one and the result will be Light, white Light. This is a process that ever continues through your infinitesimal existence, dispersement and Return to Oneness.


The children now are of the utmost importance. If you are a caretaker of children, if this has been your chosen path or one that is of considerable importance to you, then you will listen to this and proceed. There is much distribution of light codes to the children now, especially those who are approximately 7 years of age to 18 years of age. These are receptive times for this particular group of children. There is an awareness peak that they will experience. You may recognize changes in their personality or their reactions to things. For example, they may react very differently than is their norm. A very quiet, passive young child may act out aggressively for no apparent reason. They may challenge authority or be physically aggressive towards others. The feminine or female children of this age group will experience extremes in mood, elevations that may be abrupt. In your response it is appropriate for you to remain neutral to allow them to display whatever they need to at this time until it runs its course. Try not to act harshly or to punish without just cause for much of it will be a verbal onslaught and not so much physical. This is specifically for the females. For those who are male the adjustment may not be as difficult. There may be some dissatisfaction, depression, moodiness and internalizations when normally they would be the opposite. For the masculines it important that you pay close attention to their changes and make sure they understand that you are there if they need you. That you are listening and that you recognize the changes to their personality and their mood. The masculines are very easily affected by the energy fluctuations but their response to it will be varied. In general, their response will be a withdrawal or a silent moodiness. This you will also see in the feminines, but the feminines will have more outbursts and vocalizations than the masculines. For those that are younger than the age of 7, you may notice some fluctuations in personality but in general they are easily adapted to these changes because their DNA sequences are already aligned.

Expect these changes for the next 6 to 8 months with the children in the 7-18 category. Again we remind you to not react, but to stay neutral whenever possible when it comes to the feminines and to be very communicative to the masculines so that they know that you are available, if they should need you.


For those that are in the teenage years there may be noticeable changes in personality related to spiritual connections. Most of these connections will be in dream states. These can be very difficult for the young person to articulate and it may not be something that they share openly. We encourage you to share your own dream experiences so that they may be encourage to do so as well. This will help them to fine tune their senses, their extrasensory perceptions and their intuition. This inner guidance will help them with the adjustments that they will be going through.


If at all possible it is recommended that you modify the diets of these individuals, these youngsters, limit sugars and artificial ingredients whenever possible. Encourage drinking large amounts of water to stay hydrated during these changes. Any stimulants such as caffeine or substances which may act as stimulants should be avoided.


It may be helpful for those going through this, adult and youngsters alike, to have a modified routine in which they spend extra amounts of time in solitude, meditation or introspection of some kind. For youngsters, reading is encouraged to help them to focus their thoughts on something outside of themselves while also controlling their emotional state.


We thank you for listening and being receptive to our guidance. Greetings and love. We await your next inquiry.

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4 Responses to Channeled Message: The ReJoining

  1. rios2995 says:

    thank you so much Dayna, my 11 yr old son is experiencing this already…i had him listen to the LL with me😁

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  2. kittyasmith says:

    Quite oddly I have experienced longing for a child to care for! To make things more difficult, my son has a stepdaughter that is around 6 and very connected to her guides. Now he is expecting a son as well. The little girl and the unborn baby have been talking to each other, he has told her his name and shares “secrets” with her. I think she may also be speaking LL.

    What makes this hard is that they live so far away, I will have very little contact with either child.

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    • Dayna says:

      Oh wow! How lucky you are to have a Child of Light in your family! You do not have to be in close proximity to affect them. Just send them your love any time you can, they will receive it. ❤


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