LL and Channeling – Galactic Federation of Light

It’s been a busy morning. First I felt an urge to paint and so I followed it. I used watercolors and it is not the best of my artwork but it serves the intended purpose. After the painting was finished I felt guided to my computer and an entire message came out in the old, automatic writing style. The message origin is the Galactic Federation of Light, Emissaries of Light and primarily Pleiadian. After I received the channeled message I recorded the LL. The codes, channeling and LL all go together. The LL transmission is meant to help one receive the Light codes of the 7th ray.


Channeled Message: GFL

That which is love is without judgement. If one is self-critical then they are not loving of Self. They are critical of Self and likely also of others. In this time and age there is much in the media about self. Self-gratification is of utmost importance. While it is good to seek gratification of the self in some instances, this is not the love of Self we are referring to and it is necessary that you understand this so you do not get caught up in the illusions which have so encumbered you throughout your lifetimes on this planet. Self-gratification is the route to self-destruction, ultimately, for it disassociates one from the whole; it dissects the Self into further appropriation and misidentification.

Since Unification is the ultimate goal of ascension you can see why self-gratification can be a trap and separate one from the heart mind, essentially establishing the head mind as the foremost authority of the human condition. To reach Union one must reconnect with the heart mind, disconnect form the head mind and establish a willingness to be of service to the Whole rather than to the Self. This Self should not to be confused with selfishness or self-gratification except when the head mind is in authority. For the Self of the heart is One with All; it is in direct communication with Source via the constituents of the Higher Self-mind. It should, also, not be misunderstood that one should not ever seek gratification for the Self, for this also is a misconception. If one abides in the heart mind and trusts its authority, then gratification of the Self comes through gratification of the Higher Self-mind which is of Source and thus without intent to separate itself from it.

We have established a connection with the heart mind with some 20% of this planet’s population. It is essential that we do so as it is through the heart that we correspond without interference. At best we can expect a 50% successful transmission rate via the heart mind even with a direct channel established simply because of the heavy conditioning placed in the consciousness of mankind over countless millennia. Imagine, however, that this rate of transmission was 80 – 90- even 100%. How would that change the planet? Mankind? Ultimately the goal is to reestablish the connection to 100% as it is intended and was in effect up until the last great fall.

Establishment of connection and communication comes with assistance from the 12 rays. With each transmission of Light from one of these rays our connection becomes stronger, our ability to infiltrate human consciousness that much more widespread and potentiality of human awakening as a result increases exponentially. It is the 7th ray which now permeates human consciousness. It is the 7th ray which is causing the proverbial floodgates to open with such force that many are feeling knocked down; their etheric bodies unable to maintain fluidity without drastic reconfiguration. We advise you to be aware of this reconfiguration at all times. Do not assume you are not affected. Everyone is affected. It is the halfway point, the point of no return for planet Earth. It is the beginning of the beginning.


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5 Responses to LL and Channeling – Galactic Federation of Light

  1. Laura Moore says:

    Well I’m covered in goosebumps….!

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  2. Durinda says:

    Awesome transmission!

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  3. kittyasmith says:

    Totally makes sense. Thank you! ❤️🌺

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