The Veils are Thin

The veils were extremely thin last night. For the first time in a very long time my nightly meditation in preparation for sleep resulted in what I can only describe as me jumping to a completely different timeline. The minute I would close my eyes I would find myself experiencing this timeline. There was no time lag. It was instantaneous.

The first time this happened I was on board a craft of some sort. it was metallic gray in color and very small. Shape-wise I would say it was a rectangular with angled sides at the back and a triangular front. There were rows of seats facing the front of the craft. The seats were similar to church pews but metal. There were probably eight rows of them and an isle on the right separating the rows from individual window seats. I could hear the engines wind down and knew we had arrived at our destination. There were only a few people on this craft despite it being able to carry up to fifty people.

I stepped down onto a seat that was facing the door and then stepped down to the floor. This is when I realized I was in another place and the sounds became overwhelming and brought me to full awareness. I opened my eyes to check where I was. It had been so real that I felt a bit disoriented.

I closed my eyes and was instantly pulled back into the scene. There was conversation this time and I could still hear the engines. It was a whoop, whoop, whoop sound with a clang and very familiar. This caused me to open my eyes again and check my surroundings. It was so real and so fast that it caught me off guard.

This happened a few more times. Each time I closed my eyes I would be in this other very real scene. I remember having conversations about our destination. The word was in Spanish but I only remember “Puerta” and when I woke I had an English word in my head but can’t remember it now. Why I often hear and converse in Spanish in these experiences, I don’t know. lol

One time a man asked me, “Why don’t you take this seriously?” I opened my eyes as I said to him, “I thought I was too serious?”

After this I heard someone say to me, “Answer the email when you get it.” lol I said, “Okay.”

By this time I had had enough. I put it all out of my mind as the veils being thin and rolled over and went to sleep.

I woke up at 1am sobbing from a dream in which a man fell off a cliff. The man had been many men and experiences/lives throughout the dream. It was like I had been recalling past incarnations. None of it made any sense and neither did the sobbing, which was so intense I couldn’t breathe. My heart and throat chakra was lit up with energy, too. It felt like my heart was going to explode out of my chest and my throat felt like someone had stuck a tennis ball in it.


OBE: Shape Board

I fell back to sleep laying on my back and recall a dream in which I was traveling with a group along a road. We were selecting walking sticks and one very tall man asked me for the one I was carrying. I gave it to him because I was not feeling like going with them. He took it and walked away but the stick was way too short for him. I stopped him and said, “That stick is too short.” I selected a stick from the pile and handed him one. “This one is better, don’t you think?” He took it and agreed. I took back the shorter stick and walked with it. It was perfect for me and I went with the group.

At this point I heard talking from behind me on my right. I became aware of being in my bed and felt the energy swirling suggesting I could exit. I rapidly gained awareness and pulled myself OOB. I could feel the blankets from my bed stuck to me and struggled to get them to come off. This pulled me back into my body but I stated, “I want to be OOB.” As soon as I stated this I was out again and I saw in my mind’s eye two, large, rectangular pieces of board. They were about an inch thick and made a light oak. The top board had shapes drilled into it. One shape looked like a Celtic cross except that it was positioned on it’s side like an X. The other shape was a square. I am not sure on the second shape because as soon as I saw the shapes in my mind my vision turned on vividly and I was standing at the foot of my bed. The room was brightly lit and the air was sparkling with gold glitter. Below me on a pink child’s table were the two pieces of wood stacked on top of each other. I saw no shapes and said to my guide, “But where are the shapes?”

I looked in front of me and saw a large child’s toy on the floor. I stepped over it and went to exit the room. I wanted to explore but knew I was suppose to stay. I didn’t want to stay.

I went out of the room and my vision turned off immediately. Then I flew down the stairs and a memory came to me of a dream I had earlier in the night. In the dream I had been in the living area of my home. The coffee table was off center and so was the TV. I was talking to someone about it, asking who moved the furniture. Then a very scary individual came out of the center of the TV set. It was like a phantom or something with long, flowing robes and gray hair and a scary looking face. The face had huge eyes and its mouth was open like it was screaming. It scared me in the dream. In remembering this I repeated aloud, “I am not afraid of what is down there.” But when I got down stairs I felt this energy hit me and it was quite intense and it caused me to re-enter my body with such force that it made my heart pound.


In between all these odd experiences I had direct contact with my Team of guides. I was and still am a bit confused because it appears that I am in the midst of an internal conflict. It feels as if my guides are talking to one part of me and the other is interfering or somehow intercepting the messages. It was quite confusing and disorienting. The main messages were, “Let go” and “Release that which no longer serves you.” Yet what exactly it is that I am to let go was unclear. I would think it was one thing only to shift to another thing. The question kept coming to me, “How do I know what serves me and what doesn’t?” I am still not sure how to distinguish this.




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6 Responses to The Veils are Thin

  1. MollyB111 says:

    It’s sooo strange. I can feel the BLISSSSS!! And I can feel the clearing (yikes) at the same time. Usually it’s one or the other.

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  2. herongrace says:

    I too have been getting the message from readings the last 2 days that the veil is very thin presently. Neptune conjunct south node. Also a knowledge that we have been doing group intensive work in our dreams. I don’t have recall or your astral experiences though.
    Interesting what you say about the pieces of oak as it reminded me of a dream I was having a few ago of moving into a new place and clearing out sheds there of old stuff in a sale and a boy and woman coming up with very old, fashioned pieces of maybe oak that had been carved and painted but were faded. I sold 1 cheap to the boy and then regretted it. It was a bas relief carving of a scene and I said to him. “Oh look there is Chiron.” He was very left of scene. That was a smaller piece of the wooden pieces and I thought to myself, I really need to take the time to examine these pieces and get them valued. Interesting with what you saw as well.

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    • Dayna says:

      Yeah, that is interesting. I have really no idea what the oak represents. However, today as I was driving my son back from his haircut I saw a Celtic cross sticker on the back of an SUV in front of me. lol


      • herongrace says:

        There have been couple of interesting crop circles last week July Wiltshire. Just thinking Druid/ Celtic connections.
        I wrote down yesterday a.m. apologies to whover wrote it as I can’t remember, that the Kosminsky symbol for this latest full moon, 26* Aquarius was 3 large fires burning on 3 triangular [3!] hills with an equal armed cross floating in the air above.
        Of course I love it!

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