Kundalini with Tantra Teacher

Some interesting things happened yesterday. It all started around 5pm when I took my kids to Meet the Teacher at their school. I felt the odd energy come into my field about the time we returned home but I sensed it previous to that, I was just too busy with stuff to pay much attention to it.

After we got home, I started to feel overwhelmed, shaky and my heart was flaring up for no apparent reason. I laid down on the floor to try and get myself together. My heart went crazy and I lost my ability to breathe for a bit. My throat and ears then filled with energy. My ears seemed almost to have fire shooting out of them!

The heart intensity continued through the night and my Kundalini activated while I was awake, which was not a complete surprise but it was much more intense than previous times. My root chakra activity was off the charts. My heart would flare up and then my root and third-eye would activate. I have never felt energy like this in my root. It was like having an orgasm without doing anything physically but this was beyond an orgasm and lasted over 5-10 minutes at a time. Yeah. LOL

This is when a guide entered from the left and began to instruct me on how to direct the energy. It was another tantra lesson, though he did not use that word. He instructed me on how to build the energy, control and direct it. I was able to do this but it was very, very hard because the temptation to fall into the physical gratification that goes with the root chakra was extremely high.


I learned very quickly that the K energy can be controlled. The lower chakras are directly linked to thought/focus. If I shut off the thoughts and focused on my heart, the energy in the lower chakras leveled out and surged up into my heart chakra. This, of course, immediately distracted me and I would lose my attention on my heart and be back in the lower chakras. I was able to direct the energy up into my throat and third eye but never reached the crown.

The guide, who called himself Raymond, continued to coach me, telling me I was doing well and assuring me this was “normal” and part of the lesson he was there to teach me. He told me that there would be several surges and to make sure never to “release” the energy (in other words don’t give in and make it into a sexual event). I was a good girl but it was very difficult. Self-control is a strong point of mine but wow, this was difficult. I am glad I was physically alone.

In between the surges I would spontaneously go into LL. This happened when I was pulling the energy up into my heart and upper chakras. During the last surge I intuitively knew the LL was an activation, effectively clearing the pathways and priming the chakras. So I recorded the LL that came through but also experienced this “priming” as it was occurring. The chakras that were primed were (in order): the root, the heart, the third-eye and finally the solar plexus.

This activity went on for over almost two hours. The LL calmed it down and I was able to fall to sleep, which was surprising considering my root chakra was so intensely charged that it felt like a ball of ice at the base of my spine. I’ve never felt anything like it before.

When I woke at 4am the K energy surged again. It did not start while in the dream state. In fact, the dreams I had were not sexual at all and were seemingly unrelated to the K. The root was crazy active and surging enough to keep me from being able to fall back to sleep.

It was explained to me that the more I direct the K the more comfortable I will get with it. So, supposedly I will get use to it so that the feeling no longer results in my wanting sex, but instead results in my wanting Union (two different things). I have to rewire my mind in a sense by triggering the K, sitting with the energy and directing it upward. Good news, I can do it. Bad news, I didn’t want to.

Sound fun? LOL Yes and no. Thinking I need a cold shower.

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4 Responses to Kundalini with Tantra Teacher

  1. MollyB111 says:

    wow… and… learning to control it, holy cow. happy practicing 🙂

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  2. kittyasmith says:

    You really have your work laid out for you! You don’t gloss over anything, yet you seem to sail through these lessons. WTG!

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    • Dayna says:

      I try to be as honest as I can. This isn’t stuff you want to gloss over. Had this happened to me before my 2003 I am sure I would have thought an incubus or something had attacked me. lol

      I don’t feel like I sailed through this lesson. It was hard and I do not know if I could do it again without giving in, especially in the presence of a man. God help me. lol


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