Exchange in Process

I was awakened at 4am by my daughter in hysterics. She has this phobia of rain storms, even those that do not involve lightening and thunder. I use to be afraid of the really bad ones, so I understand, except when I am awakened when the storm is not scary at all. The rain lasted over an hour. Torrential downpour. Day 4 of rain, flooding and temps in the 70s. This is very abnormal for August in Texas.

I was unsettled when I awoke. The dream I had was still on my mind. In it, I was watching a scene unfold where two groups of people were in conflict. The ones I identified with was the group who could fly and whose energy was super sparkly and light. The whole dream sequence was of my group being pursued and singled out to be eliminated entirely from Earth. We had to pretend we couldn’t fly and dampen our energy fields in order to hide and blend in.

So when I awoke I was thinking, “We are at war.” My guidance responded, “Yes, but not the kind of war you might think.” I understood it had to do with consciousness, vibration/frequency, DNA alteration, and everything else I have been reading about Team Dark (TD).

Additionally, my heart was lit up and my entire chest was warm. Despite this, I felt uneasy and a bit disoriented. My connection with my guidance is so different now that I struggle to find the connection like I once did. They seem more distant yet when the communicate, they aren’t.

My guidance was there, reassuring me. I heard my guide say, “The exchange is in process.” I told him, “I would expect it would be noticeable then. I don’t feel any different and there isn’t any spiritual/mystical experience to go along with it.” The response was, “We told you it would be gradual. This is purposeful. Trust that it is ongoing and in process.”

Dream: Car Accident

I fell back to sleep somehow and ended up in a long, elaborate dream. In it, I was at a house with my mom. She had agreed to watch my two youngest and I was leaving. I suggested I take the oldest with me. When I left, though, I ended up in a Suburban being driven by the lady who owned the house. My mom and son were with us. As we drove there was discussion but I can’t recall it now. I just remember that at one point something was left at the house and we had to turn back. When we did, the driver became distracted by the large lake below us and the car drifted into the opposite lane. She then over corrected and the car plummeted down the hill, rolling end over end. I had known we would wreck and closed my eyes, telling myself I would be okay. When I opened them I was fine and a guide was talking to me, asking me questions, specifically if I remember if the woman had been pinned under something. I said she had and somehow knew that she was me, but another me. I exited the car and walked up the road.

The dream continued for a while. I ran into an ex-student, all grown up. I led him to a bathroom and left him. My name was already on a list, but it was my legal name, not the one I go by. A man was singing me happy birthday, telling me everything is bigger in Texas. He gave me a birthday card that had “MAY” written on it.




I woke up and could not return to sleep. There were memories returning in droves and the energy in my heart chakra was still covering my entire chest.

The main memory I had was of a volcanic eruption and earthquake that occurred at the same time. It caused an enormous tsunami that came in and covered the entire island. This water never receded because the ground actually sank down into the ocean, a result of the extreme combined forces of the earthquake and volcanic eruption. An entire city was swallowed by the sea, never to be recovered.

This memory came with other memories of living multiple lives in this place before it was destroyed. These combined with memories and experiences I have had recently of this place. I realized it was Atlantis but also that I had lived in an even more ancient civilization. Lemuria maybe?

When these memories combined it was like a timeline formed and I could follow my incarnations. They flashed all at once in my mind, so my attention was not focus on any one lifetime. My guidance was reminding me to Remember while this was taking place. My brothers and sisters from these lifetimes came to the forefront of my mind. It was understood that we formed a group that traveled together. I saw that my physical counterpart was part of this group. I saw our relations through these lifetimes.

What is odd is that the memories of these lifetimes did not seem to connect to the memories I have had of other lifetimes. It is like they are not connected to the same individual. Like I have two timelines.

Kundanlini – A Rite of Passage

One of the things I recall is that in these very distant experiences/incarnations was that the Kundalini was a common experience. It was celebrated as a rite of passage and there were many preparations and a final ceremony connected to it. You were not truly “born” until the Kundalini awakened within you. In other words, your true identity, your true Self, was not born until the Kundalini rose within you. Once it had risen fully, there was a ceremony in which you received your true name. It was actually Remembered, not given. This name was the same lifetime after lifetime.

Most commonly the Kundalini would awaken in one’s 20’s, always after adolescence. Men and women were separated for these rites of passage and the ceremonies were different. They were also educated differently, though ultimately they were allowed to mingle once they Remembered their names.

It seems like these memories are to remind me that what I am experiencing (Kundalini) is normal and has a set sequence to it.

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8 Responses to Exchange in Process

  1. Laura Moore says:

    I like the part about Kundalini being a rite of passage and remembering your real name… ! It’s exciting!

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  2. My sense too that awakening is normal…our development turned us from this natural sequence of events. A little troubling that we think it’s for a chosen few. How far we have diverged from true normalcy.

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    • Dayna says:

      Well for now it is only happening for some, not all, so it is easy to assume it is only for those who have been “chosen”. I just wish that we didn’t have to do this blindfolded. From what I recalled, there was a specific system in place. Men and women separated (for obvious reasons) and educated, etc. I doubt the process took as long either. I could really use some of the women-specific K training right now. I would love to get this over with and move on.


      • It used to be so rare that there were only a handful of people at any given time. Now there are many thousands, perhaps tens of thousands…which is hopeful to me.

        There are many systems developed over time which I think are useful, but so much is being brought forward today by those waking up. The twin experience itself can help to relate to these forces, of the weight and release of karma, and greater liberation/wholeness. I think it’s always been a process, but it sure looks like it comes in stages, or can, if we make ourselves available to it. My sense is instead of letting the pendulum go into the extreme as we have done before with patriarchy and matriarchy before that it’s time for balance…with the two that are one within us. Awakening is about the merging of those opposites, so it’s hard to get away from their transformative power. But who knows—you could ferret out the foundation of this ancient system through memory and recall. How cool would that be?

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      • Dayna says:

        It would be awesome if I could remember it, but I doubt that will happen. Instead I get guides to help me. I suppose that is better than nothing. 🙂

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      • I think you might surprise yourself. I just go into meditation…whether doing yard work or whatever, I ask “it” questions and it answers. I’m already working on a framework for working w men not necessarily to activate K but to help revision earthly masculine in light of divine masculine. You might have something to offer when you are ready for helping women.

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      • Dayna says:

        I have asked questions before like that and gotten answers. Thanks for the suggestion.


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