I know I’ve been quiet. It is purposeful.


According to my guidance, I am “shedding”. This feels like an appropriate explanation for the last four or five days so I accept it. Plus, I have had several dreams in which I look in the mirror and my face is literally peeling off in huge sheets. Shedding my skin. Peeling away layers.

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Rather than go into huge amounts of detail I will just list some of the experiences I have been having:

  • The 11’s have ceased. No more 111, 1111 or 11.
  • Disassociation. From my body, my family, this world. Very odd and disorienting at times.
  • Feeling as if I was just dropped into this body from above and am now brand new in this body, world, life. It feels like my mission will be short-lived; like I am only here to do one or two things and then will leave. This goes hand-in-hand with the disassociation feeling.
  • Messages in cars. For example, got stuck in traffic on the highway. I looked to my right and saw a Nissan Pathfinder. The Pathfinder part seemed to jump out at me. I glanced to my left and saw a Ford Escape. I knew the message was: Find your path or escape. Your choice. Saw three more Pathfinders on the way home.
  • Near misses. I have almost been in two car accidents in the last four days. Both times they were white trucks.
  • I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night and in the morning not knowing who I am, where I am, what year it is, etc. This morning I had be told by a guide what was going on because I was panicking.
  • Feeling as if this lifetime is just the blink of an eye. Blink and it’s over.

There are other strange things happening that are hard to explain. I have moments of complete and absolute clarity that come in along with my guidance, loud and clear. It’s like a list of to do’s, things that need to be checked off.

I really do feel “alien” right now in so many ways. Put all of the above together and it appears that I have integrated another aspect. She’s here to take care of “business”. Good because I am flat out tired.







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2 Responses to Shedding

  1. Zarah says:

    I’ve had a similar feeling over the past few days. Like everything was unreal, although it looked the same as always. No idea what that means …

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    • Dayna says:

      For me that was integration of another aspect. I am noticing a pattern of these experiences. After each Shift I am closer to being Whole. It is barely noticeable sometimes, other times very.

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