Meeting Chuck

When I woke at 6am I was upset over a dream I had just had. In it, I had been in line to go into a haunted house-type of tour. The attendant told me the tour started at 6pm and went until 9pm. I turned and looked at my friends who were standing behind me and said, “I’m not waiting that long.” In my mind I saw it was around 4:30pm. The friend standing just behind me, a man with dark hair who was about 5’9″, gave me a questioning look and said, “We have all been wanting to do this.” There was also communication that I couldn’t turn back. Then I saw in my mind’s eye clear as day: 1:1. I said very loudly, “I DID NOT sign up for this!” lol Then I woke up.

There is an entire backstory to this dream but I really don’t want to bore you with it all. The main point was made at the end. I was being asked to wait and there was something else conveyed in the space between the dream. I knew it when I woke. I knew I had to stay put because my main mission now is my children.

I was really tired, like so tired my eyelids were heavy and I felt a part of the bed. I tried to go to sleep and kept receiving visions; communications from my guidance trying to get through to me. I shut them all down. I was fed up. Then in one vision I found myself in the in-between reaching into a container. There was a feeling that I was drawing a number from the lottery. I pulled out a glittery gold ball about the size of a ping-pong ball. I moved it around in my fingers, feeling the roughness of it. That is when I saw written in black ink, clear as day on the front of the ball: Chuck. lol

I woke up and told him in no uncertain words that I was not finding any of this mission fun and wanted to go Home.


Dream: Cheerios and Christmas Tree

I must have fallen asleep because I ended up in a strange dream in which I was inside a mall that had apartment units where the shops should be. I went inside of one and saw my children sitting in front of a television eating cereal. I somehow knew they had gone into a familiar unit, one where an older lady lived. She was a caretaker for them. She was not there, though, so I asked them, “Where did you get the cereal?” My middle son, “It’s hers.” I looked at it and it was bright pink Cheerio-looking cereal. Then I turned and looked around the room. There was a Christmas tree in the corner but it had not been fully decorated yet. I remember saying, “Why is she putting up her Christmas tree already?” I could see boxes laying about full or ornaments and decorations. I thought to myself, “This lady must really like the holidays.”

I turned around and my children were gone. There was a white sofa, the one they had been sitting on. I could see a woman sitting there, legs up and relaxed. She was talking to a man on the sofa across from her. My first thought was the woman was a nanny or caretaker for the children. I then began to focus on the man because something was off about him. I could see he had on no clothes. I became curious and began to intently look at him, trying to see better. This is when my lucidity peaked.

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Meeting Chuck

Suddenly I was very aware of laying on a bed. I didn’t know where I was. Whose bed was this? I recognized two distinctly different beds. It was as if I was in both at the same time. One was my bedroom in my house. The other was a larger bed somewhere else. I could feel the bed beneath me, the covers, the sheets and pillow. I decided to be in the bed that was not my bed. I chose to shift into that location, wherever it was.

There was a lot of internal conversation going. I was thinking, “This isn’t real. I am dreaming. If I want something to be there, it will be. There is a person there. I can feel him (his energy).” I kept feeling around because my vision was not turned on yet. I reached out in front of me and felt a person’s leg. I felt up the leg and ran into the man’s crotch. lol Thankfully he was not aroused as I think that would have woken me up.

My thoughts were something like, “I am in bed with a naked man.” lol I continued to feel up his waist to his chest. He was sitting up, on the edge of the bed, so not technically in the bed with me. Then I felt his arms reach out and pull me toward him. I fell into him and we both tumbled out of the bed and onto the floor. I landed flat on my back and he landed on top of me. In recalling this now, I think the tumble onto the floor was purposeful. He was playing with me.

This is when my vision came on all at once. Light flooded my eyes and the entire scene and the man were visible. Everything was very solid and real.

I could see a window in the background. It was open and there was a breeze because I could see the white sheers swaying inward into the room. I could see a golden light outside indicating it was day and I could make out trees and hear a wind chime in the distance. The bed I had been on was draped in white linen and I could make out the table next to the bed, the lamp and the wall to my left.

The man was sitting in front of me, not on top of me but very close. I remained on the floor looking up at him. He was bare chested and obviously naked, though I did not look down at all. I was too focused on his face. He was clear as day and so I just stared, looking at every detail in an attempt to remember as much as I could.

He was smiling and he had tanned skin, like someone who spent a lot of time at the beach. His hair was messy with curls that hung around his jawline and it was of two different shades, like it had been bleached by the sun. The ends were almost orange and the top was a dark blonde. He had a very distinct look about him, but I didn’t recognize him. He had deep smile lines around his eyes and mouth and a broad forehead and a wide face. His cheeks were quite prominent, but then he was smiling really big.

I saw him and said, “Hi!” He responded, “Hey you. That was quite a fall you took.” I said, “Yeah but I’m okay.”

Without hesitation, I leaned forward and gave him a big hug. He hugged me back. The emotions I felt were just a happy calm. No sexual urges (thank God). I did remember thinking about the sexual aspect because he was naked but felt that it was not what I wanted and not why he was there with me.

We had a whole conversation then. It didn’t last long. I was in awe of the situation. It is not often that I find myself in such a vivid, lucid state sitting in front of one of my guides chatting.

I asked him, “Where are your glasses?” because when I looked at him I saw two images superimposed. One of just his eyes and the other of what appeared to be very small sunglasses, the kind with a reflective surface. He said, “Glasses? I don’t have on any glasses.” I said, “Yes. I saw them.” He said, “You must be talking about my ear piece. I sometimes wear it.” I looked at him closer then but saw no ear piece and the glasses were not showing up either. I remember wondering, “Why would he wear an ear piece?” And the term “transponder” popped into my head.

He had a slight accent. It sounded Australian.

There was more talk, but it was just chit-chat. I remember commenting on his bare chest. It was very hairy but attractive. I think I told him he was attractive. Then I remember not knowing what to talk to him about. It was like I became a deer in headlights. I started worrying that this lucid state would not last but I wanted it to. I wanted to sit and talk to him more but my mind was a blank as to what to talk about. So I just focused on taking in more of the scene before I lost it. I knew it wouldn’t last and wanted to remember every detail of him and the experience.

During this time there was a telepathic conversation going on between he and I. He wanted me to talk to him verbally, though, for some reason. He wanted me to maintain the state and our telepathic communication would pull me back inward and I need to stay extroverted. I could not get my mind to shut down, though, and I knew it would ultimately end the lucid state I was in.

Remembering Chuck

I came back to my body without any energetic sensations whatsoever. I knew I had just met Chuck, though I never asked his name. He was close by when I came back to this reality and I told him, “Thank you!” He responded, “My pleasure.” I told him, “I don’t recognize you.” He said, “You just don’t remember. That’s normal.” I said, “How long have you been here?” He said, “Not long. I’m here for the ‘change'”. I thanked him again and again he said, “My pleasure.” I was just so pleased to have gotten such a nice surprise. He said to me, “We will work on it (maintaining the lucid state). You can stay longer and we can chat more.” I remembered then that I had known that he and I would meet like this and have a chat. Duh! Why didn’t I remember??

He then repeated what he had said in the dream but in different words. He said, “You’ve had quite a fall.” I knew what he meant instantly. He was not referring to a literal fall. He was referring to falling in love. I said, “Yeah I guess I have.” My stomach did a flipflop. He said, “Don’t worry. I am here to help you.”

I could still make out his accent and a memory came to me of a time, long ago, when I had an OBE and heard a man’s voice. I never saw him but heard him very clearly and audibly. He had said, “Quite a fine sense you have.” I realized he was the same guide. That was way back in 2005. Wow.

I also find it funny that cereal came up once again. I was told by one of my guides in an OBE once, “When all you’ve had is oatmeal, sometimes you want cereal.” lolol Since then I cereal has come up in my dreams and lucid experiences. Too funny.

The Christmas tree is also a common symbol. It usually indicates that a major “gift” is about to be given to me. The last time I saw Christmas trees and gifts was prior to meeting my physical counterpart online. It was indeed a gift, one that just keeps on giving, too.



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3 Responses to Meeting Chuck

  1. herongrace says:

    Nice! I have been feeling lately too that I am on the verge of clearer communication with my Guidance and decided to act as though it is happening. I feel as though I was in a long apprenticeship and now I am ready and eager to be more helpful to people through extending messages.

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