My Experience with Light Language

I’ve been feeling drawn to create a video about my Light Language experience for some time now. Since I had quiet time today during my son’s nap (yay!) I decided to record that video. Sorry about the poor lighting and video quality (the end got cut off). I would have gone outside but it is close to 100 degrees and I needed to be close to my son while he napped. I have to work with what I got when I got it. 😉

Symbols for the LL at the beginning of the video:


For more information on Light Language, check out We Are 1 in Spirit.

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3 Responses to My Experience with Light Language

  1. kittyasmith says:

    Beautiful, Dayna! I love Yvonne Perry, especially her music, it usually brings deep emotion and tears. I also love Jamye Price.

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  2. rios2995 says:

    Dana, thank you so much for sharing Yvonne’s link to her site. I just had a 30 minute light language transmission with her and it was so powerful…I felt everything my team was doing in my body..I highly recommend her😁…I feel new again💏💏💏…

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