Temple of Almaegradon

It is 8/8, the opening of the Lion’s Gate today. I did not sleep much. Below is what I wrote after waking at 1:11am.


Temple of Almaegradon

I awoke at 1:11am after falling asleep at around 12:30. I had been unable to sleep because my mind was in overdrive. Guides were around me and telling me they wanted to show me something. I had not taken Benadryl and had hoped to sleep without it. Apparently it had been keeping me from entering into the alpha state (in-between) these last 5 nights.

The experience I had was completely lucid. I was receiving instruction by a man. I was male in this experience and was aware of it. I had been led to an altar and asked to lie upon it. I could not see well because it was dark and I felt very drowsy. I could feel hands leading me to the altar and holding me there. I was asked if I was sure if I wanted to do this and I said I was. Then I felt a man put something inside my mouth. He tucked it under my bottom lip. It felt to be some kind of mixture that was gritty and now as I remember it I think of it as green and made of some kind of leaves. He then inserted another mixture. This one I saw as he came close to my face. It was yellow and thick and I knew it would make me enter into an altered state, that I would see and experience a lesson.

He asked me to bring my legs up onto the table and lay down. Someone who had been holding me up gently laid me down. I did not feel my head hit the table, instead I felt my entire body drift upward and then I began to morph and change shape. I could feel my body moving and being molded like playdough and before I knew it I was staring directly at the stone slab I had been laying on. There was pressure in various parts of my body. My head shifted and felt to expand outward to great extent and then it contracted back. I could feel myself disintegrate. I was nothingness and I was everything at the same time.

While this was happening I was receiving instruction about who I was and Remembering. I don’t recall now what I was told but I was very aware that I was in a temple, my temple, and that this that I was experiencing/Remembering was a common ritual experience. As I came more and more into awareness I was being asked why I prefer to experience the dark (meaning no light) and why I choose not to see. I was being asked why I was not afraid. I told him, “Because I know I cannot be destroyed. I just change form.” I remember now only that I felt “dead”, that my experience in this altered state was to experience being obliterated, destroyed, killed, whatever you want to call it. I remember fully giving myself up to it. I had no resistance and was fully willing for the experience to show me what it was suppose to.

As I was Remembering my awareness began to build and there was sudden knowing that I was OOB. I told my guide, “I don’t want to stay here. I want to go back to my body.” As soon as I thought this I regretted it and could feel the energy swirl around me in that familiar way suggesting re-entry into my body.

My guide said to me as I came into my body, “You are one of us. You cannot forget that.” And I had memory of what he was referring to. I thought of the place, it was familiar and I thought it must be Mayan but I knew it wasn’t. Where was I? The Temple of Almaegradon. I was a priest but I was more like a Shaman than a priest. I was a caretaker of the pyramid and these kinds of rites were meant to help me commune with our ancestors. I traveled between worlds frequently, we all did.

I tried to return to sleep but was asked, “Do you not want to record this?” I turned and saw the clock. 1:11. So I got out of bed and typed up my experience as best as could remember.

I will say that this experience took me a while to return from. I feel very odd right now. The movement and sensation was so very real as was the knowing/feeling that I was male. I had memories, too. I knew fully what I was doing and why. I remember mainly the question about why I wanted to experience the dark and not the light. I was told all I had to do was open my eyes and I would see. I think about this and I wonder, what don’t I want to see? I feel like I just traveled somewhere and took a spiritual journey, a vision quest, like a shaman would.



I struggled to fall asleep after that. The intensity, the realness of the experience had me wired and my heart and crown were blazing. Hard to sleep with such energy. The guide from the experience greeted me this morning upon waking. His name is Chuck, but I kept calling him Charles. He prefers Chuck. lol

There are memories still, even now hours after. Why these kinds of experiences happen to me, I don’t know, but this one, this was beyond amazing. Not only was I male, but I was very aware of my role of traversing worlds. That is what I did. When, where, I don’t know. The experience felt as if I was doing it NOW. I know, strange. It felt like I actually went to this place and did this ceremony, much like I would do a ceremony here on Earth. I don’t know what drugs were given to me, just that they were potent and safe and I had used them many times. I had no fear whatsoever. It was the coolest experience and I wish I had not become so overly aware that I requested to return to my body.

Chuck kept discussing with me the “change”. He said that he would be there after the “change”. I accepted what he said as fact, like I knew what it was. I have no clue, though. What change? Change of guides? Yes. Change of me? Yes. Weird.

I also saw a text, like a very ancient text on yellowed paper. I read a sentence about the Kundalini and knew I was being reminded of what the “change” is. I can’t remember what I read in detail now. I only recall that the two go hand-in-hand. That my memory of my purpose and the Kundalini are initiating this change.

And the most bizarre Knowing I brought back with me was that I am a Shaman. Why it took all this time for me to realize this, I don’t know. I am doing what I did then, now, just the same. I walk between worlds. I don’t need drugs. I didn’t back then, either, they just amplified my abilities. I wondered briefly if that would be true now as well? Probably. I communicated with guides then, just like I do now. All of us did. We are Shamans, all of us, all of my group. I feel very dense to not have realized this sooner. I apologized to Chuck who laughed and said to me, “You are human.” I accepted what he said as fact. Yeah, humans are dense, but now I wonder, was I not human in these past memories? If not, what was I?

Looks like all that work I did to stay in 3D didn’t pan out. lol I’m not surprised. If I am suppose to walk between worlds that is what I will do, whether I have the intention or not. I’ve been doing it so long that when I don’t I feel incomplete. I requested information on how to harness this ability more fully. There was, still is, an insatiable desire to regain all of this ability.

Edit: Just remembered seeing a vision of one of the priests from my experience. He was wearing a white mask shaped like a bull’s head.



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14 Responses to Temple of Almaegradon

  1. MollyB111 says:

    I didn’t sleep much either!!! And wow, my 1st message this morning was to enter the temple.
    Ya! another sha- woman! Happy dance.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. MollyB111 says:

    Haha… good/smart word choice… dropping density… see how witty you are! This happens to me though, too – often the last to know/realize, lol.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. trillia1 says:

    Congratulations dear Dayna! Indeed you were there… time and space frequencies run simultaneously… Creation is magnificent, much more than can be explained… this is a time of awakening and integrating the fullness of who/what we are! Blessings are incoming as never before.. we are on a most powerful adventure! Exciting stuff! Yes! Love only, no fear. ♡♡♡

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  4. Durinda says:

    I love this Dayna! I remember saying that out loud once while I was driving, she walks between worlds. I didn’t say I, I said she. One of my guides was Native American, he showed himself to me in a vision. Things are just so exciting!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Dayna says:

      Glad to hear it. 🙂 One of my first ever visions was of being in between worlds and being told, “This is you”. I loudly protested it. It terrified me. Not sure why but it did. lol


  5. herongrace says:

    Wonderful Dayna! I’ve got a feeling that if you focus on accessing your memories through this high octane time of the eclipses we are travelling through August and specially September, that more information will surface.
    I had a wonderful crystal bowl healing on the weekend and a native Indian, very fit guide appeared to me with a message for the Healer. I said to her that I normally would see this as cliched, but she knew exactly who I was referring to.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dayna says:

      I love crystal bowl healings. Lucky you. I had one while in Shasta. I have no doubt more info will be coming for me. I have been forewarned.


      • herongrace says:

        Yeah, this person tones into the chakras as well with her voice. It was so healing. I am sure these couple of months will be very interesting.

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  6. kittyasmith says:

    Congratulations Dayna. Of course you are back, but why do you think that your efforts to stay in 3D did not work? Letting go opened you up to allowing the process to move forward with ease. It is when we let go of the outcome, let go of the effort, that we receive. In a sense, we get out of our own way and the process goes much faster.

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  7. kittyasmith says:

    I forgot to add, on the 8th, I was awakened at 5:05am by a very firm “Wake up.” LOL I could even see the words in white against a black background. Since this energy began streaming in, I have been remembering guide activity more in my dreams. They are beginning to feel much like what you have described in Living Life In Between, without the travels.

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