Climbing Mt. Everest

I have been spending my days watching Lost, taking care of the kids and trying to focus on life in 3D. I try to keep my guides out of my thoughts and try not to think of anything or anyone connected to my spiritual life. Though I am not doing too well with any of it I am still at it. I went to the gym yesterday and then took my two oldest school clothes shopping. That and doing a load of laundry was all I did during the day. The interaction between me and those online is dwindling. I try to not care but I do. I miss it.

Last night prior to bed I heard that what I am doing is like climbing Mt. Everest. The exact message was, “You are climbing Mt. Everest.” Doesn’t sound like a good thing. I’ll probably freeze to death on the way like in the movie, Everest.

Three-Eyed Boy

I had a dream where I was teaching in a school. 6th grade reading. I talked to a coworker about the job, saying I commuted from one state to work in another across the border. It was a 15 min commute and the temperature difference was dramatic. There was a group of boys who I was reprimanding for running off. When I was talking to one of them he looked up at me and was crying. He had three eyes and wore glasses. It was very odd. I won’t ever forget seeing the three eyes. He had the main two but one was just off center of his nose and smaller. They were blue eyes.

When I looked up the third eye in the dream dictionary it indicated that I was looking to someone else for their advice and to pay attention to what they were saying. The boy said nothing. He was crying. He had been bullied by the other boys and was worried he was in trouble. If I take this as a message then maybe he was telling me that I was sad, feeling bullied and trying to run away.

Race Home

In this dream I was at a house with my family but not a family I knew. There was a car but what was odd is that my husband was carving out the handle to a guitar but it was also the car. Then I was asked to clean out the spit from the guitar (like I use to do with my sax). I watched as huge amounts of water poured out. It was way more than should have come out and I was in shock. I waited as more and more came out. Then pieces of debris came out, a long white tube and even a plant. There was a strong suction noise when the stuff stopped coming out. It was then that it resembled a large car.

Then I was inside our master bathroom and noticed a creaking under the tile. The floor board was loose. I told my husband and he stood on it and said he would have to re-secure it but it was no big deal. Then we noticed the entire floor had a top section that was coming off. He pulled it off but I was surprised and worried. I looked out the bathroom at the master bedroom and knew all the flooring in the house was unstable.

Then we were heading home and my husband said he would race me. I took off in a kind of car but I went from in a car to running and back. I went another way and he took the highway. I got stuck in a traffic jam caused by a couple who were fighting. One was on a motorcycle and banging up against the other. I intervened asking if there was a problem and they stopped. Then I continued on and a young girl came with me. As we got to the end of the road there was a party going on, like a dance club. I went out the double glass doors onto a college campus but far from home. I remember singing with her a song that screamed “Bullshit!”. Upon looking this up it is the Texas Style Cotton-Eyed Joe. Listening to it makes me laugh at just how funny my dreams are.

Here are the lyrics. But all I was saying was Bullshit! really loud. lol I tend to agree. All of this is Bullshit!


I keep seeing numbers in my dreams.

677 – reminds me to look within to find my answers. Trust my Knowing.

22 – this has to do with maintaining balance in all areas of my life.

The Grass is Greener Message

Last night in one of my few visits to FB a post was there that caught my eye. It was entitled “The Council – Greener Grass“. It reminded me of what I wrote the day before my birthday or around there, about how I need to stop living in a fantasy world and looking to the greener grass on the other side of the fence. I especially resonated with these parts:

“…you are feeling as if you are being forced through a tiny opening and you don’t know what is on the other side.”

“…similarity of that to what you call birth..”

“ simply need to learn one last lesson.”

I have been avoiding reading channelings, articles, blogs, posts that are of a spiritual nature. When I have tried to read such things I would get a feeling of disgust and disillusionment. I have been feeling like all of the promises, all of my Knowing, has been a ruse. It feels like I am being purposefully led into a trap. Like all of these past years have been a test to see what I will do. Will I look behind door #3 or will I take the cash prize? I don’t know what is behind the door. It could be a rock or something else invaluable to me. Or it could be all I have ever dreamed of. The cash prize says, “Safety, security, a known path.” I like knowing what lies ahead. I honestly don’t like surprises, especially when they turn out to be rocks. I told my guidance, “I think I will take the cash prize.” I heard in response, “So you would choose the known rather than the possible?” I said, “Yes.” They replied, “Then you have not learned.” Probably true. Better safe than sorry, I say.

Yet when I tuned in last night, tuned into my heart, it still lit up as if on fire and my third-eye and crown followed quickly. There it was. I can tune it out but as soon as I tune into it, it is there. My guidance is quiet but they are there and speak loudly when I tune into my heart. I understand that what I am being led to do, is what I am doing now and is OK.

What am I being led to do? Focus on 3D. Do things that other people would do, so what others think I “should” be doing such as getting a job (I have an interview next week), being a mother, cleaning house, working out, etc. Things that may seem non-spiritual but are spiritual because they are teaching me what I need to learn right now. Even as I type this my heart is glowing with energy. It is like it is saying, “Yes! See!?”

Finally, another song has been in my head. Spirits, by the Strumbellas.

The lyrics are here. The part that keeps going through my head is this part:

And I don’t want a never ending life
I just want to be alive while I’m here
And I don’t want a never ending life
I just want to be alive while I’m here
And I don’t want to see another night
Lost inside a lonely life while I’m here

I will likely not be posting much in this blog while I am going through this stage or whatever it is. I don’t feel like sharing what is going on with you all because of its deeply personal nature. Sorry. When I do feel like sharing, I will post, but it is likely to be rare until this stage is complete.

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    I ❤️ You, too.

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