Physical Issues

I feel like crap this morning. I went to bed with a sore throat and woke up with a migraine, my period (sorry if TMI) and all over body aches. This is the second migraine in a week. The first was brought on by exercise, or so I thought. This one is just there. I finally gave in and took a 600mg Ibuprofen. It is helping but the residuals of the migraine are still present: visual anomalies, sore eyes, right temporal ache, overall feeling of malaise.

At least I got some decent sleep. I took a Benadryl despite receiving from my guidance some time ago that I should avoid all medications. The result was awesome sleep and the end of a sore throat I had yesterday. Allergies I suspect.

There is Knowing now that whatever this funk is will be on-going until mid-August, specifically the 18th which is the full moon and partial eclipse. My husband has gone for a month, so I will be alone, which I also think is purposeful.

I awoke once again hearing, “Walk-in”, as if I need reminding. There have also been on-going ideas coming into my head about many subjects. My mind was really active in my sleep all night. It has been for many nights now. Benadryl is a great body relaxer but it does nothing for mind chatter. Thankfully my body slept while my mind was in overdrive.

Right now I have a very strange, sleepy sensation over the left side of my body. It began yesterday after my workout and has been consistent ever since. It feel like that side of my body is heavier, especially around my head. It functions without issue, no weakness or anything concerning. Just an odd sensation that pulls my attention to it. I cannot focus on anything for too long without my eyes wanting to close and my mind is very spacey though I am able to focus, write, speak, etc. The migraines I usually get cause mental and visual issues, so it could be the migraine causing of all of the above physical symptoms. If it doesn’t cease I will likely visit a doctor. This is too disconcerting. I feel on the verge of passing out all the time. Not fun. The last time I had a migraine like this (excluding the one this past week) I could not speak. The thoughts would be there but when I spoke out would come gibberish. It was hormones (caused by birth control) that was the culprit. So perhaps that is the issue now as well. Who knows.

It just seems too coincidental how all this is happening around the time of the new moon and very intense energies. Part of me is really beginning to worry about the walk-in process. I can’t help but be reminded of the fact that walk-in’s usually occur during major illness or trauma to the body. NDEs are common. So of course my monkey mind is thinking, “What if this is a neurological condition? What if I have MS? Is this what a stroke feels like? What if I lose consciousness and wake up as someone else?” lol Regardless, a walk-in does lead to body rejection of the new energy in some way, shape or form. Neurological issues are common. The whole system goes through a reboot.

More than one friend of mine who experienced a walk-in had nervous system issues. Some had all over body pain, inability to use body parts, numbness, tingling, etc. Right now, with what I am feeling, I am a bit worried about the all-over left side weird feeling. It feels like muscle exhaustion. Like I worked out all the muscles in the left side of my body to the point of extreme fatigue. My left eye is trying to close while my right eye feels normal. My left hand and arm feel heavier than my right.

I plan to take it easy today and will keep taking Ibuprofen if need be. I do have help while my husband is away, so this will give me some downtime.


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5 Responses to Physical Issues

  1. I hope you soon feel brighter Dayna.. Love your way

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  2. teleile says:

    I googled it, and apparently a heavy sensation on one side does go with a migraine! So it’ll probably vanish when the migraine does.

    ‘Hemiplegic Migraine
    A specific type of migraine,
    known as a hemiplegic migraine,
    can mimic the symptoms of a
    stroke. A hemiplegic migraine,
    similar to other migraines, causes
    throbbing pain usually in one
    area of the head that leads to
    nausea, vomiting and sensitivity
    to lights and sounds, as
    described by the Genetics Home
    Reference. In addition, a
    hemiplegic migraine often causes
    hemiparesis, the feeling of
    numbness or weakness on one
    side of the body.

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    • Dayna says:

      I hope so. The migraine has been gone since I took the Ibuprofen but the weird weakness is now on both side and has not gone away. I did not have any of the nausea or sensitivity to light. In fact, wouldn’t have known it was migraine except that I know that feeling that precedes it and got a headache.


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