Transformation in Progress

Still feeling adrift in a funky energy. My dreams indicate there is a sifting of memories occurring. People, locations, situation and snippets of memory are interwoven into my dreams making them seem almost like a patchwork quilt. It is very hard to make sense of any of them so I have opted to dump my dreams upon waking. I figured that is their purpose anyway – a memory dump.

It is as if my Knowing has shut down or is being withheld from me for the time being. I have Knowing, I can sense it deep within, but the conscious acknowledgment of it never happens. The Knowing just remains under the surface rather than manifesting in thought.

I had three very distinct experiences I wanted to share. These occurred during a brief reconnect with my Heart as I meditated last night.

Two Groups of Guides

I habitually check for my Team when I meditate. It has become so much a part of my routine to look for them that I almost forget that I do it. Except for times like last night. I checked and saw very distinctly two separate groups of guides around me.

The first group was centered and before me. This is where my Team is usually situated with one or two closer than the rest, completing their “rounds” or whatever you want to call it. There were 12, which has been the usual number for many months now. Prior to this acceleration I have been going through for about a year, I would typically have between 2 and 4 guides total around me. So 12 is indicative of major change and transformation. In the past I only saw 12 when a major life event was occurring. So yeah, major life event on-going I guess.

The other group I saw was to the right of this main group and offset behind them enough for the difference in location to be noticeable. The feeling with this group was that they were going to be “coming in” and completely replacing the group of 12. Since it was relayed to me recently that a guide change was commencing, I should not be surprised, right? However, I have experienced many, many guide changes or changes in shift, but never have I seen anything like this. When I saw the new group, a group of 8, in its entirety waiting there I thought, “They are for the walk-in.”

Seeing Myself

I tried to ignore the obviousness of what I had just seen and took my focus off my heart as I attempted to sleep it away. The next thing I knew I was witnessing a kind of bubble in time in front of me in my visual field. It was like I was looking through a window that was curved like a bubble. I shifted into an almost dreamlike state where I was observing what was going on inside this bubble. I very clearly saw a brown haired woman talking very matter-of-factly with my husband. Now what she is saying is lost to me. All I know is she was “handling my life”, explaining without faltering what was going to happen.

When I recognized what she was doing I felt relief but at the same time the shock of recognizing what I was witnessing pulled me out of whatever strange state I had been in. I had not been in the in-between, so I am not sure what I experienced. Perhaps this was just a full-on vision experience? So hard to define such things.

Upon returning to myself from this strange state I both recognized the other woman as me but also as a complete stranger. And as the feeling settled in it was quite disturbing. It was like the fully awake and conscious OBE I had last April on Easter day. It was the exact same feeling. I felt to be watching a character in an important scene in a movie, a movie that was my life but a life I felt totally disconnected from. Yet in that OBE I never saw myself. In this instance, I did. Very unsettling as you can imagine. Yet I did not panic. Instead I felt relief. It was very much like being in a situation where you feel you have to do something you know you need to do but you just can’t, you are too afraid. And then someone else comes along and does it for you. Utter relief.



There is one final vision I want to share. I was floating above a massive mandala etched in black on a shimmering white surface. The size of this mandala would be large enough to cover the floor to a master bedroom (hundreds of square feet). It was beautiful, though I can’t recall what it looked like now in detail, just that it had layers of intricate geometric shapes and swirls of Light code intermixed within it.

The mandala was covered in a thick layer of glass and seemed to float above the vast white background behind it. In the vision I knew I had been under the glass, trapped within the mandala; a part of it in every way. There was a sensation here that resembled being immersed in a liquid or gel type solution. Gel is probably more appropriate because it was thicker than water. Then I came through to the other side which is where I was as I was viewing it from above.

Transformation in Progress

Though I rarely get any direct communication from my Team right now, I do receive an occasional message. The main message I am receiving is that I am in the midst of a transformation; shedding my skin; coming out of my cocoon. After the experience of seeing myself in that very real vision, I am beginning to feel like this soul exchange is really going to happen.



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