LL and Channeling: Laying Foundations

Received a LL transmission and channeling from the Pleiades last night. The message is concerning the work yet to be done by those anchoring the Light here on Earth. It also discusses the three generations of children who are incarnating or going to incarnate on Earth to set the stage for New Earth.

Mandala by Rick Ruggles, Sacred Vision Mandalas.



Many will face in the coming weeks some energetic challenges, some physical challenges, some spiritual challenges. There is a mushroom cloud heading towards earth, it’s debris, it is what you would call darkness, but it is not evil, it is just dense. It’s material that needs to be cleared. It’s material that’s in the way of the Light The sun is unable to penetrate it fully when it’s in abundance as it is. That is why it is so important for those who are anchored in the Light on Earth to be present now because the darkness when it descends will require Light from below to connect with the Source above.

The children who are currently being birthed forth unto the Earth plane have a very special mission. They will be carrying with them a new sequence of life a new knowledge internally within every cell of their bodies. Many new arrivals will be coming and have been coming since around 2009. They will continue to come into this dimension through the mid-2020’s and then there will be yet another group who will arrive. These are not generations as you follow Earth years. These are groups of workers, of path preparers. They are like the stage crew who comes and prepares the set before a big production. They correct things, they put things in order, they set the stage. Without them the third group who will come close to 2050 your years would be unable to fulfill their missions in entirety. There is a violet light that emanates from the current group of helpers, or assistants, or preparers of the path. They are very distinct. Their auras have a pattern about them. They have a congruency to them, a Merkabah incomplete but with the capacity to be complete very quickly and without much effort. Many will come into their bodies Remembering and Knowing. Unfortunately, as is the case with many who are incarnated currently, the programming of the world on them through their parents and associations will cause them to slip into forgetfulness. Thankfully, they have positioned within their cellular structure activations which occur sequentially through their progression in life starting in adolescence and moving through into their 30s. Some very few have chosen to begin within the first year of life. They are taking upon themselves quite a challenge for they will be considered radically different from the children around them, their classmates, their peers. Their parents will know they are special, though. They have chosen them wisely. And these individuals will be labeled and suppressed but they are hard wired to thrive, to not succumb to that which is being forced upon them. When you see one of these violet individuals with the congruencies in their aura, you will understand them immediately. There is no need for communicating with words with these individuals. They will speak through their energy and their contact with you effectively activates your own sequence.

The second group of individuals who are coming to set the stage and will arrive in around the year 2020 and that decade, they are the ones who See and they are the caretakers of what is to become the New Earth. War will be an abomination to them. They will not understand it. They are peaceful. They are not of Earth. They have come from other places and it is peace that they have come to bring. Unfortunately, they will be too young in the 20s and it will take a couple of decades for them to get a foothold and begin to make themselves known. When you see them their auras will be aqua, a very pale almost imperceptible aqua. It will mostly seem like it is white to those who look at them who are able to perceive such things. And their aura, unlike the other group, does not have congruencies. They are octagonal multidimensional layered individuals who have come to incorporate these aspects into Earth life. It is through them that Contact will be officially be made. Though we cannot reveal the details of this at this time. That is not our purpose. We advised that when you meet these individuals, these children who will be the changers or the stage setters of Earth that you cherish your time with them and allow them to transform you in their own way. Be advised that many times the way to transformation is not pleasant. It is a challenge, it is a shaking of your very foundations. You cannot set the stage until the foundations are laid.



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    This is your Mastery. ❤ 🙂

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