Timeline Shift Avoidance

There has been a development regarding the “Shift” my guidance warned me about. At first, I just assumed it was a shift in energy or something akin to that. While this is not altogether incorrect, it appears there is more to this Shift than meets the eye.

I came across a post by Lisa Renee on New Humanity Press yesterday. The title was, Timelines Shift. Without quoting exact wording or getting too deep into it, I will just say that much of what I read confirmed what my guidance has been warning me about. The “time of reckoning” is upon us. Things are about to get messy. Buckle up and prepare to be PUSHED even more than before. Whatever you haven’t let go of, whatever 3D crap is still hanging around in your life, that is what NEEDS TO GO. We have a schedule to stick to (or at least I do) and dilly dallying around in karmic mumbo jumbo for longer than is necessary is a waste of time. Again, I hear, “Git r done!” <——–I just remembered hearing a beautician saying this phrase on Saturday! LOL I noticed it but shrugged it off. Then I went out to eat and saw this at the restaurant me and my daughter went to:


11 Overload – Funny how if you read it top to bottom the last one is asking, “10-4?” Hahaha 

I feel it already – or at least I feel the preparation for the push. It must be a strong one because I don’t normally put up resistance like I am. I am a ball of nerves. Fears are rising to the surface. “What if’s” coming up over and over. There is no doubt what I have to do and I don’t wanna. I suspect there will be a catalyst. Something will make me snap and then I will just DO IT. That’s how I am. Eventually I can’t take it anymore and the decision is made. Instantly.

All day I was in resistance mode to the point that I was reconsidering the path in front of me. My dreams threw this reconsideration in my face. In one I was driving all the way in the right lane. I changed my mind at the last minute and drove all the way over to the U-turn lane, trying to push my way into the line there. Another vehicle drove in front of me and a woman put her hand up as if saying, “STOP”. The woman’s face was livid. Other cars went on and I blew a kiss at her and followed them, pushing past her.

I awoke twice in the night and could feel the resistance manifesting as anger. I looked at the clock the first time. 11:55. The second time it was 2:22. Both times seeing the messages just made me more angry. lol

There were in-between messages all through the night as well. I just got my braces tightened yesterday making my entire mouth hurt and giving me a headache. This kept waking me up and made me sleep lightly, thus more receptive to the messages.

The first message was an entire conversation about twins. I don’t remember any of it now except seeing the word written in all caps floating in front of my eyes. I woke in a fury over it. lol

The second message was of two identical torches. They were huge torches that had not been lit. The reminded me of the giant, gas heaters I saw when I was on vacation. When I saw them I heard, “Light your torch.” I said in response, “No.” lol I heard, “You can’t do anything to stop it you know.” If I could have thrown something at him I would’ve.

Lucid to OBE: See the Light

Then I entered a dream sequence where I had taken a job in my old place of employment. They were suspicious of me and I was being overseen by a woman who would talk about me in the 3rd person when I was sitting right in front of her. I got so angry at the woman that I put in my notice right then and there saying my last day was Friday. She ignored me. Then I was trying to convince myself that I would be okay financially but then realized they were only paying me $10/hour part-time and I couldn’t imagine living on $200/wk. How do people do it?

Then I was sitting in a church and looking over at the opposite rows of pews. The pews as a whole shifted to the right, almost jumping. This caught my attention and I knew I was dreaming. I got up immediately and left the church.

Outside I flew up into the air singing about what I saw below me. It was a northern city and there were cars parked covered in snow and snow piled up along the sides of the road. I flew close to the bumper of one and it was a blue and white license plate but I couldn’t make out the name. Another license plate was similar and I thought I saw Minnesota on it.

It was sleeting/snowing and the sky was really gray. I realized it didn’t need to be that way and so rather than sing what I saw, I began to sing what I wanted to see. This made the clouds part and the sun come out. The snow began to melt and I could feel it warm up. I immediately felt hope. Soon after I was back in my body and woke up straight away.

It’s very obvious the message here: Create your reality. Don’t settle with what you see in front of you.


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4 Responses to Timeline Shift Avoidance

  1. Durinda says:

    I love the message in the picture you shared!

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  2. You were in my dreams last night! And it was epic. I first had a vision of multicolored rainbow light collapsing around the earth, i felt like i was looking at it from my higher aspects and was basically like “well we tried to help them” Then you were my next door neighbor there were many kids playing around, but my mother in law wasnt very nice to you for some reason. I then saw I was on this giant stone like saucer shaped disk that i had to climb a ladder up it was so so tall and high i could see the stars and space. I think i was actually on a ship. I feel this big shift happening right now too. It feels epic.

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