LL and Channeling: Surrender to the Heart Mind

Received a transmission this morning from Sirius. The LL and message are from a Pleiadian female stationed on a vessel located near Sirius B. They monitor and oversee Earth and Galactic Federation activities in this sector.

The recording does have some interference. One of my children made noises and my phone kept receiving alerts. Interestingly enough, the interference only shifted the energy slightly and afterward LL resumes momentarily until the energy settles and then transmission continues.

Edit: Just realized that I received the first half of this transmission the night before. I knew it was incomplete but did not make the connection until I listened to it. So I have added it and the transcript so that you can have the full message.


Mandala by Rick Ruggles, Sacred Vision Mandalas.


Symbols came in top to bottom, left to right.

The first column from top to bottom: Introduction of energy, identifier of the relater of the message (their name); communication from Sirius (origin); reception of message (me); connection established (us).

Second column: unification/Source; interdimensional shifting; the Observers (Watchers); Sirius enveloping Earth in her love.

Third column: Shift into 5D (3-4-5); telepathy/minds linked; GFL in attendance; Infinite guidance.

Symbols along the right side from top to bottom not part of the actual transmission: Cup or water element spiraling to Earth; the scales/balance; reception of knowledge; and infinity divided side by side.



First Half (begins @3:30)

Survival depends on mankind’s ability to transverse the challenges which he is facing currently and which will increase ever so dramatically over the next century. It is the seeds, the Starseeds, those who have come to spread and disperse the Light, who will be the determining factor in this decisive moment in human history.


The Spiral of Life continues indefinitely. There is no beginning and there is no end. Despite what your human mind may determine to be Truth it is an illusion of the physical dimension and it is understood by those who are Observing that you have this limitation and so we appeal to it and try to get you to listen through the symbols and the structures and the events and the energies which we send your way ever so increasingly and with much intensity.


We have come from many different planets or dimensions, as you may call them, to embrace you, to help you surrender to the changes which are being asked of you.

Second Half

Surrender. Surrender to that feeling that you have in your heart. This is perhaps the most challenging part of your journey to switch from the ego centered mind into the heart centered mind. It creates a perception change which can seem to effectively alienate you from those who still function in the ego centered mind. The logic that they use to perform the daily functions they carry out will often times feel energetically chaotic to those who reside in the heart mind.


The heart is the most effective receiver – the most effective believer in potentiality in one’s ability to create and manifest in this reality and illusionary state of being. As you practice settling in this space, this center of your Being, you will come to understand the wisdom contained within your Self and understand your connection to everyone and everything. Once firmly established the heart acts as a conduit source of explosive energy and power. It channels the Source energy that is You and offers you access to memories and to knowing of your mission and purpose in this and other lifetimes if you so wish know this information. It will also lead you to others with similar life missions with similar energetic signatures to your own. Some may call these individuals your Soul Family or your monad or group. It matters not who these individuals are but more that you are able to recognize them and collaborate with them for a single purpose; a mutual purpose.


If you still find yourself wondering about your purpose or about your mission on this planet be advised that such considerations are centered in the egoic mind primarily. The heart has no desire to speculate or to wonder about such things, it resides in the current moment always. It is Knowingness without doubt. It is everything and anything that you are capable of in a single moment of Beingness. It is without doubt a challenge for you to slip into the heart center – the heart mind – and remain there indefinitely. We do not expect you to remain there at all times for this would be an unfair expectation of you in this particular incarnation and as you learn to reestablish this Beingness, this heart centeredness, it will become more commonplace for you and not be so challenging.


Some of you may wonder what it means to be center in the heart mind. For unless you have touched upon it, it may seem elusive beyond all other challenges or destinations which you have sought before. The sensation of the heart mind is as if you have created a blank slate in your mind. There will be no curiosities, no active analysis or considerations of certain pathways or questions, or mental constituents which oftentimes flood your Beingness. The heart itself has no need for speculation or analysis. It is content as it is and seeks only expression through joy, love, and gratitude for existence and expresses itself through creative endeavors, through service and interaction with others who share similar joys and multitudinous expressions of joy. So, you may say, “This teaches me nothing. This shares with me no understanding of what the heart mind is.” And we say to you, when you find yourself in or experiencing a child-like innocence, a child-like joy for everything and everyone around you, then you have touched upon the heart mind, the heart experience. It is your true nature. You brought it with you into this life. And when you can find again your state of innocence, child-like joy for life, then you have successfully entered the heart. You may say, “This is impossible! There is no way to be in such a space as an adult with all these responsibilities and pressures and limitations on time and energy.” And we tell you that it is possible to be both child-like and responsible at the same time. It takes practice. It takes going within. It takes dedication to achieving such a state but it can be accomplished and many are in fact in such a state as we speak. So do not become discouraged. Do not give up. If you find yourself in such a state of discouragement then you will have effectively recognized that you are in your egoic mind more than in your heart mind.


We hope that this message has been helpful for you on your journey and has answered some questions that you might have had or have thought you would like answered. We leave you in peace and love.



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4 Responses to LL and Channeling: Surrender to the Heart Mind

  1. Karin says:

    Cool that you now can give some meanings for the symbols. Fascinating. Thanks.

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  2. kittyasmith says:

    How interesting. Due to my emotions heading towards frustration, I decided, instead to stop judging the situation, lack of communication and understanding, or knowing. Just feel nothing, but be happy with life as I am now experience it. LOL, Then this message gets to me… I am laughing so hard. Drunvalo also speaks about this in different wording, the result is ultimately the same. I did not get it from his words alone. It took both of you to get through my hard headedness. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

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