Change of Guard

This post was started this morning but it felt “off” mainly because it is written in such a way as to seem impersonal. I will include it here, but want to make sure you understand my guidance tends to be very matter-of-fact and almost scientific. They come across quite emotionally flat, which is the opposite of me most of the time.

It is a critical time now for the walk-in. As she integrates into her new Earthly home (body), a clearing on many levels is taking places. This can be felt throughout the human host body and spiritual body. The walk-out has distanced herself significantly from the host body and is in a sort of hibernation stage, almost imperceptible to the walk-in.

A change of guard is taking place at this time. One shift of guides is stepping back, allowing for a new shift to take over. The transition period is but a few days and the interruptions in energy will be negligible.

For the purpose of simplicity of language, we will address the combined personalities as “the Experiencer” for in such a case as this, both the walk-in and walk-out share the encoded life experiences (memories) of this particular timeline. In such a time as the two personalities diverge and separate then the term Experiencer will apply solely to the walk-in personality.

The next step is a big one and will not go unnoticed by the Experiencer. It will be a steep gradient for her but one she can handle without issue. It is for the purpose of guiding her through this particularly critical period that her guidance is changing.


When I awoke this morning I felt very heavy and tired but could not return to sleep. Throughout the day I have been very groggy, almost as if I am drugged. My heart has been quite intense with energy, though, especially when I lay down to try and rest. Overall, I feel very disconnected from my spiritual path despite receiving multiple channelings and transmissions in the last 24 hours.

I received several messages in the in-between this morning and last night. The main, repetitive message was the word, “Shift” written very largely and also spoken aloud. In one instance, I saw myself as if a triple image – like three of me in one location almost indistinguishable from the other. I heard, “Shift” with this visual.

Another message was to expect to be catapulted forward on my path. I take this with a grain of salt, really, but I heard it nonetheless.

And finally, I was given a direct message by one of my guides, twice. He said, “I will be gone for a month.” After being told twice this same message I finally asked why. This is when he told me a change of guard/shift would be occurring. Totally new group of guides. When this group is done, then some of the old group will come back to their post. lol I feel like they are keeping guard over me or something.

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