Packing Away the Old

I’ve been exhausted since last evening. There was tiredness before but last night I crashed. The tiredness is so familiar now that I have no doubt why it is happening. Preparation stage. Get the body, mind, spirit prepared for another onslaught or intense energies (Kundalini most likely). My dreams confirm this.

As I was trying to settle down to sleep last night, my spiritual counterpart approached me. There is a constant connection between us now. It is…..different. There are no words other than to say that when he “approaches” me (hahaha he IS me) there is an instant softening of my Spirit. I feel joy, happiness, peace, love, contentment. It’s like I become the Light that is him/Us. So insanely beautiful and so ever-present now. I don’t have to meditate for long hours, hoping somehow I will be able to contact what is Us. It just IS. He has been saying to me often, “We are together now. We have merged.” I believe him.

As I lay there listening to him, he relayed what I believe is a very important message, not only for me but for others. I would like to share what I recall. Hopefully he will come through and it will be more exact.

His message was that I was packing away my life now, like one packs their bags as they are preparing to move residences. I saw in my mind packing boxes one on top of the other. Each sealed shut, some still open and being filled.

You are stepping into your New Self. In doing this, you will recover aspects [memories] of your Self which you have always had but which you Forgot. As you recover these aspects, these amazing gifts that you are, you will slowly set aside other parts that are no longer of use to you. You will pack them up and seal them tight. They will not be lost, but they will be as if they are lost. Imagine that these parts have served their purpose and are now put on a shelf that holds all of your experience. They are labeled, numbered and alphabetized for easy access. Similar to old memories you hold from this life, they are still there, they are still a part of all that is YOU but they no longer hold any power over you. They are sweet, serious, troubled, uneasy, disturbing, beloved, joyful memories of YOU.


With this message I saw how I have already done something similar within this lifetime. I consider I have had two “other” lives within this lifetime already. My youth and my first marriage. With each passing into a new life/chapter of life one must rid themselves of those things which linger from the previous chapter. Until those things are settled (packed away) true movement into the newest chapter cannot occur.

In recognizing this, it was confirmed by my Companion that this was an accurate conclusion on my part.

I am concerned about the process occurring now because I can see how it is not like the previous two times I have gone through it. There is Knowing that will Return to me soon. I perceive this but it was also communicated to me. With this Knowing will come identifiable corresponding actions. Already I am Remembering. Ideas – courses of action, potentialities – are surfacing in my heart mind. With them there is recognition of what will have to be left behind, of what is no longer needed. Though I recognize these things I have learned not to focus on them for in doing so it lowers my vibration and shifts me into my mind. Ever increasingly my heart is in control and my mind is silent.

A part of me was concerned about packing up aspects of this current life. What about my children? I can’t just pack them up in a box and seal them away. My Companion says, “No, and you shouldn’t. They are part of you. Only those things which need to be released, which are of no more use, should and will be packed away. And it will be done slowly, carefully and with great precision so that if/when these experiences are needed they will be easily accessible and uncluttered. When you pack up your house to move, do you throw everything in random boxes or do you categorize and organize the boxes by room? We are sorting, sifting through that which we wish to keep and that which we wish to toss/pack away.”

In other words, a New me is moving into this body and life experience, but it cannot and will not be rushed. In the meantime the New me is being prepared, schooled in such a way as to make certain the new course is charted precisely. I Remember some of the lessons but many are lost to me or jumbled up in fading images from dreamtime.




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